How to Fix Windows 10 Critical Process Died Solved

How to fix Windows 10 Critical process died solved. So in this article, we’re gonna talk about a new type of BSOD in Windows. If you have a BSOD error don’t forget to check out our other article about BSO DS. But if you have the critical process dive BSOD stay in this article, because we’re gonna show you some solutions to fix it. As we’ve said in the other article about BSO DS various factors can indicate the BSO DS even some drivers from your windows. Even some apps or soft words that use even some physical components of your PC the processor the RAM memory or even the graphics card the first solution that:Windows 10 Critical Process Died Solved

run SFC scanner

I’m gonna show you is to run SFC scanner.¬† So SFC scanner is one of the most cliche solutions for windows related problems, but unfortunately it didn’t prove to get the job done every time however in this case it may actually be helpful, because it repairs system files or changed files that are actually the cause of the problem. So if you don’t know how to run the SFC scanner just do the following you have to press windows + x and then choose from this list command prompt admin don’t forget is very important to run the command prompt as admin. Because if you run the simple command prompt or CMD the scanner won’t work so here in the CMD you just have to type in SFC /scannow and then press Enter the process will take a couple of minutes and then you will have to restart your PC and you have to see if the problem is solved.

run an antivirus software

The second solution would be to run an anti-virus program. You’ll find a link for a very good antivirus on the article down below in the description. So be sure to check the article out and Windows Update could be the problem that causes the BSOD to solve it the bes.

wait for a new update

The solution would be to wait until Microsoft releases a new update and maybe that update will clear up the issue will make your windows run again as it once did I’m gonna recommend you to go in the article down below and download the software from the article you’ll have a link there. So the driver update our tool that it’s in the article is 100% safe and tested by the windows report con team.

How to fix brightness control not working in windows 10

if the brightness control not working in Windows 10 here are three fixes.

Method 1 : How to Fix Windows 10 Brightness Control Not Working Issue?

Please right click on the Start menu form this list click on ‘device manager’.brightness control not working in windows 10In this window please expand device named ‘display adapters’ now right-click on the driver software of the ‘display adapters’ from these options click on the first option update driver.How to fix brightness control not working in windows 10Now in this window click on the first option select ‘automatically from updated driver software’.

Now the windows will download and install the compatible driver in your device if it is already installed please go back to the previous window now click on the second option.

Here browse my computer for driver software in this window please click.brightness control not working in windows 10Here let me pick from a list of available drivers now from this list select the basic display adapter then click ‘Next’
wait till completion of this installation now close these windows and restart your system if this didn’t work try the second.brightness control not working in windows 10

Method 2 : How to Fix Brightness Control Not Working

For this once again open the ‘device manager’.brightness control not working in windows 10

‘Expand display adapters’ to right-click on the ‘driver software’.

Now from these options click on ‘uninstall device’ in this windows.How to fix brightness control not working in windows 10Make sure that this box towards the lead driver software for this device is unchecked then click on install.How to fix brightness control not working in windows 10

Now close these windows and restart your computer after ‘restarting’ your problem should be fixed.

Method 3 : Fix Brightness Control Not Working

Opened the ‘device manager’. brightness control not working in windows 10

This time expand the device named ‘monitors’ right-click on. brightness control not working in windows 10

Its driver software please click ‘enable device’ if it’s disabled.

And then click on uninstall device click ‘uninstall’ in this windows.How to fix brightness control not working in windows 10

Now close these windows and restore your computer after ‘restarting’ the problem will be solved.

We hope this article will help you thank you for watching this article bye please like this article and let us know your experience with this article.

How To Fix Microphone Not Working in Windows 10 /8 / 7

Ways to fix microphone not working in Windows 10 most of which will also be applicable to Windows 7 and 8 this is somewhat of a rare situation mostly. You only observe this problem when trying to make a call on Skype or Facebook or some other call-ups now if that is your situation then you may first want to check that the audio settings for the particular app. You are trying to use are properly set up let’s take Skype for instance if you’re experiencing this problem while trying, to make a call on Skype.Microphone Not Working in Windows 10

Check on the Skype

Then you should first check that you have an active microphone selected to do that go to your Tools menu. Select options here click on audio settings on the right side you should see these different sound settings and here you have your microphone. As you can see if you have multiple microphone devices attached to your PC then you should check that you have the right one selected a simple way to check this is by talking to your microphone. Check in for this volume level indicator if it doesn’t show any green bars then try to select another mic option from the drop-down until you get some indication of sounds. You can also go to the advanced option by clicking this button right here and then ensure you have this little green or white check mark on the selected device, you could move devices up and down and you could also remove them completely if need be.

The method I: how to fix the microphone for windows

Now another way to check that your mic works fine if you are not using Skype or any call up would be to right-click on the volume icon from the taskbar and then select sounds from the options. You should have this settings page pop up here click on recordings then again try speaking to your microphone and check the volume level indicator to see if any sound is detected ,if not then the solution in this tutorial could come in handy for you Kaydee focus is on situations where such problem is coming from the actual microphone not just from an up trying to use the microphone I would have said let’s jump right into it.Microphone Not Working in Windows 10So before going into any complex settings or configurations, there are a few basic and more or less physical factors that could be responsible for your microphone or detecting sound or not working at all as the case may be I definitely recommend starting off with this quick check. So you don’t make the problem more complex than it already is. Now oftentimes when we use call apps like Skype or Facebook we likely want to use a headphone or earpiece either to hear more clearly or to keep the conversation private in that case if your mic seems not to be working when you first want to check what kind of audio interface your laptop has and what kind of headphones you are using. If you are using a USB headphone like this which has its own microphone then you want to check that this microphone actually works, you can test it out on another PC because by default when your PC detects an attached microphone, it automatically makes it a default. Microphone unless you configure it otherwise if this mic doesn’t work for any reason then you won’t detect any audio on your PC another scenario is when using a 3.5 millimeter headset jack this jack is designed to transmit sounds to your earpiece and to take audio input from your microphone.

Now if you are using a headset with a double ring pin then by default your laptop would expect the mic input from the attached headset, so it will shut off the integrated microphone in your laptop. Now if for any reason the mic on your headset isn’t working properly .then you will also have this mic problem even if your integrated microphone works properly this is also the case when using a USB headset the mic controls get transferred to the headset automatically. And if for some reason it doesn’t work fine then it could lead to this microphone problem as well another scenario is the case with docking stations if you dock your laptop to a docking station. Which has some microphone device attached to it it will also transfer my controls automatically to such a device.

So before going to change any system settings or configurations to check up on each of the scenarios to avoid complicating the problem father without out of the way the next step would be to check that they appear trying to use your microphone with house microphone enabled for it to check that go to your system settings by clicking on the Windows Start and selecting the gear icon on this page click on privacy then click on the microphone. Here you see a list of all the apps that can access your microphone first ensure it says here that microphone access for this device is on if it says otherwise then click on this change button and turn it on. Here you also need to ensure that this allows apps to access your microphone is turned on if not you can turn it on as well .And then you can check for the particular app you are trying to use and ensure it has the microphone enabled for it from here. You can also disable microphone for apps you think might have some spine mic features and leave only trusted apps and apps. You actually need microphone zone if this problem persists then the next approach would be to update your system bios, as you may know, is shot for basic input/output system this is a little piece of software on the microprocessor that decides how your PC boots up. And also manages data flow between the computer’s operating system and the attached devices including the microphone sometimes outdated BIOS can cause some issues with the microphone and other sound devices.Microphone Not Working in Windows 10So is advisable to visit your manufacturer support page search for the latest bios for your pc download and install accordingly next would be to run the sound troubleshooting tool to try to automatically detect this problem. And either has it fixed automatically or suggest possible steps you can take to fix this problem to do that simply right click on the sound icon from the taskbar and select troubleshoot sound problems from the options. Then wait for the troubleshooter to run yes elect your input device and hit next they need to try to resolve the problem with your device if that is successful you should have some positive message here saying your device is fixed if not it will say something like the troubleshooting was unable to automatically fix all the issues found it could also give some hint on what next you could do to fix this problem yes you can see suggesting that I turn off sound effects and enhancements. So I’ll click on the yes open audio enhancements and here as you can see all my enhancements are already disabled if you have yours enable you can simply select disable all enhancements here then apply and hit OK.

The method I: how to fix the microphone for windows

If that still doesn’t work for, you the next suggestion would be to try updating reinstalling or rolling back your microphone drivers for that. You will need to go to your device manager by simply right clicking on the Windows Start and selecting device manager from the list on the device manager page expand the audio inputs and outputs. Here you will find any microphone devices attached to your PC here I have my USB microphone and the integrated microphone.How To Fix Microphone Not Working in Windows 10 /8 / 7So first I will update the drivers by right-clicking and selecting update driver from the options. Here select search automatically for updated driver software and wait for the process to complete if that doesn’t fix the problem. Then you can go to the device properties and then try rolling back the driver or uninstalling the device in each case after restarting your computer. You should have the driver install automatically again also you can try updating and reinstalling the drivers on the sound video and game controllers especially. If you have any yellow triangles next to any of these devices the last suggestion for this tutorial. would be to manually download and install the required drivers for your microphone or the sound device you have attached to your PC for that you need to visit your manufacturer support page and search for the corresponding drivers for your device. In my case it would be this real take high-definition audio driver here I will simply download and install accordingly hope one of this was able to help you.

How to Fix Temporary Profile ERROR in Windows 10

How to fix temporary profile error in Windows 10 this is a pretty common problem and it can be caused by anything that can result in profile corruption and windows some of the usual suspects are a loss of power or a forced shutdown or sometimes even just Windows updates that didn’t install correctly luckily this one is pretty easy to resolve

I’m going to run through those steps now the first step is on your keyboard to hold down the windows key and then hit R springs up the run prompt type in regedit and then hit enter I’m going to expand this and then close the error

Step  by step temporary profile error:

Fix Temporary Profile in Windows 10Now I’m going to browse to the registry key that we need to modify and I’ll put this into the description of the article. the key that we need to go to is H key local machine software Microsoft, Windows NT current version and then profile list, each of these keys represents a Windows profile in my case I only have two profiles my computer. If we look in the right side here and the profile image path you can see it lists the directory from one of the profiles any other ones listed here as well the problem is whenever one of the profiles becomes corrupted Windows adds back to the end of this registry key and then every time you sign in it puts you in a temporary profile.

So you can see that the profile image path has changed to a temporary directory here to fix this problem all you have to do is delete the temporary key and then right-click the registry key with back at the end and say rename delete the bak part and hit enter.

Now that this is the only profile left and the profile image path references your actual directory windows will load this profile when you reboot so go ahead and close the registry editor and then restart the computer.

So this is my desktop after the reboot as you can see the icons are restored, so I was able to successfully hit the like button if this article was helpful and thanks for viewing.

How to Fix Driver irql not less or equal Windows 10 / 8 / 7

I’m going to be showing how to resolve the error alert that you may receive while getting a blue screen that says driver irql not less or equal Windows 10. now, this error will typically occur after the installation of a buggy device driver system service or BIOS update this error will typically indicate that a kernel-mode process or driver tended to access memory which does not have permission to do so. and then you’ll promptly receive this error alert. so I’m going to go over away in order to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.Driver irql not less or equal - Windows 10

Method 1 Windows Memory Diagnostic

Driver irql not less or equal Windows 10So we’re going to do is head over to our search bar it does not matter if from Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10 we’re just going to try and type in memory diagnostic and there should be a desktop app or if it says if you’re on Windows 10 and that is what will come up on other versions of Windows it will still have the same icon you want to left click on that then you want to left click on restart. Now and check for problems which are recommended, so this will take a few moments and once the computer is restarted and the scan is going I will be back ok. So the computer has restarted and now it’s running the windows memory diagnostic tool. so we’re going to let this thing just run as it goes and I will be back once the test is complete

Method 2 Disable Memory Caching

Driver irql not less or equal Windows 10Hello everybody I’m back to the computer restarted if the error is still appearing for you and there’s another option we can go to and that’ll be to go to our search menu again and we want to type in device manager you on the little drop-down arrow next to disk drivers click on it and now we see we have a disc driver here and we want to double click on it. Now I want to go up to the policies tab. Now we want to left-click on quick removal this should be the first option here then we want to left-click on ok. Now you might get an alert here saying the system settings were changed your hardware settings have changed you must restart your computer for this change to take effect do you want to restart your computer now we’re going to lock on yes. So that is the second option we can explore the computer restarts hopefully your computer will not be receiving this error alert.

Method 3 Remove Peripheral Devices

Driver irql not less or equal Windows 10If that still does not resolve your issue the third method would entail removing peripheral devices from your computer meaning if you have any USB sticks flash drives mouse keyboard speakers anything that’s using a USB port or any device that’s not really required for your computer to run try testing your computer by unplugging them from the computer tower or laptop and see if the computer issues are resolved again that would be a third method if this does not work for you

So again I hope this tutorial helped you guys out and fix most of your guys’ concerns this tutorial cannot apply to everybody but hopefully in most cases this will work. so again thank you guys and I will see you in the next tutorial goodbye

How to Fix Windows 10 not Booting Full Tutorials

How to Fix Windows 10 not Booting: Tutorial the day I’m going to show you guys how to resolve blue screen and deaf problems you might have when starting up your computer. So if you’re unable to boot into Windows after three continuous times windows should automatically try and launch the troubleshooting utility, in which we are currently booting into at the moment. So it’s going to start by saying it’s going to be diagnosing your PC here and want to let this run now. Keep in mind, if your computer has not done a hard power-off three times in a row you’re not going to be able to get to the screen. So you want to make sure you turn off your computer do a hard power turn off either at the tower level or clicking the power button on your lap. You just want to turn off your laptop three times and you should get into the automatic repair utility that I’m currently have on my screen here. It should say that your PC do not start correctly press restart to restore your PC which can sometimes fix the problem which in our case obviously has not worked or you can also press the Advanced Options to try other options to repair your PC. Fix Windows 10 not BootingLet’s click on Advanced Options here on this choose an option window select troubleshoot should be the middle option on this list select advanced options. Now while there are a variety of different tools you could run and if the one we’re going to go through specifically in this tutorial does not work for you, I implore you to use the other options that are available here. Because there are some really great troubleshooting utilities just to name a couple you could roll back to a previous version of Windows you could run a system restore. Go back to a previous restore point you could recover your computer using a recovery disk or a system image you’ve saved in the past.

But for the purpose of this article we’re going to select startup repair and this will begin diagnosing our PC. So this will take a little bit of time to run so just be, patient and once this utility has moved along a little bit so we can see that this utility is checking for dis errors this might take over an hour. So just be patient, this tool is going to run if anything notable comes up on the screen in the meanwhile. I will resume the reporting and we will go from there but otherwise I will be back okay so in compliments later we can see that now. It’s attempting repairs so different screen you might encounter hello everyone I’m back so we can see sir I. Prepare clean repair your PC the reason why I’m getting that is, because there’s really nothing wrong with my computer in the first place I power down the machine three times. That’s why it’s not detecting anything out of the ordinary, however hopefully this tool would find something for you and then you just should restore your computer again. If you were still experiencing problems, I would recommend going back and running some of those troubleshooting utilities. I mentioned earlier in the article but otherwise. I hope this brief article about how to fix Windows 10 not Booting helped you guys out and I will catch you in the next article goodbye.

How to Fix Windows 10 Slow Performace Issue

How to Fix Windows 10 Slow Performance Issue: hey guys probably you got a lot of problems of their little Windows 10 update automatically. Then your computer slows down but after the research I have found out that it’s easy to solve this problem. So what you have to do is control panel and then when you get under a binary equal on the search button and write pair for months and then you go click adjust appearance or performance and here. You go advanced change and probably it’s for you automatically manage the size and you just go to unclick it and customize size which you always recommended which is 0-9 1909 9009 and you set it up you click set you click OK. you restart your computer afterwards, so this is the one option another option is to call control panel again we missed relative Administrative Tools you click on it, then you will get all the tools you need here. How to fix Windows 10 slowThen you go disk cleanup it will connect and then you want to clean up your disk windows see disk and you click OK. Then it will clean up your disk for the unnecessary files the reason here. Why your computer gets low is because when your Windows 10 updated it kept the your original operating system on the back side maybe. When you bought your computer it was Windows 7 or Windows 8 and then you operated you transported to all Windows 10. So that’s why Windows 10 wants to keep this files in, case you want to go back to your old system, now it pop up a message here that will clean this all these files and it will be free up to 416 megabyte, then you click say clean up system then you click OK again and you’ll start cleaning up again you okay now.

It’s finished and now everything should be okay then you just simply click OK and then we permanently delete these files you click OK. Okay now the disc is ready cleaned up so by using these two tricks you will get your computer back up and running again thank you for read about how to fix windows 10 slow and looking forward for your comments.

How to Fix Windows 10 not Detecting Second Monitor in PC / Laptop

Hello everyone how you doing this is I’m tutorial today I’m going to show you guys. How to resolve if your Windows 10 not detecting second monitor hookup. So in this brief tutorial, I’ll be showing you guys how to ensure that both monitors are blade properly on your device. So this going to be a pretty straightforward tutorial:

  • Windows 10 not Detecting Second MonitoRWe’re going to jump right into it and we’re going to start by opening up the Start menu and we’re going to type in the settings the best manager comes up should say settings right above trusted Windows Store app you want to left-click on that
  • So now in the settings window what you want to do is left click on the system tile should be the first one listed her
  • And now underneath display, if you do not see one until if you only see a one box that means only one monitor is being
  • Detected which most of you guys should know by now if you’re coming on this video however if for some reason it not showing a second one you can left-click on and identify here
  • And it will tell you which monitor is being currently displayed or which one you’re currently viewing and if you love Kalan this detect button it’ll try and find another one if you are currently unable to and should say display not detected and that is what we are trying to resolve in this tutorial today
  • So I’m going to close out of the settings window once we determine that and I’m going to head over to the Start menu and I’m going to type in device manager the best manager comes up should say device manager right above control panel, so you want to love to click on that
  • So now in the device manager window, you want to left-click and expand the displays after view by either double-clicking on display adapters or left clicking on the little arrow next to it
  • Now there should be a display adapter listed here you want to right-click on it and then left-click on update driver software it’s going to ask you how do you want to search for driver this software left go to click on search automatically for updated driver software
  • So just be patient this might take a moment so it says the best driver software for your device is already installed Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date I recommend going back to that settings window and see if we can detect the second monitor at this point if you’re still experiencing problems you can actually go online and manually download the driver software
  • So if you’re wondering how to do that you can actually right click on the displayed after here and then left click on
    properties and then you go underneath the driver tab at the top it’ll tell you the driver version right here followed by the name of the driver up top most cases it’s just an Nvidia and D Intel
  • Something along those lines and then what you would do is manually go online and search up those drivers
  • So if you wanted to do a more automatic approach to that it’s very simple if we just close out a device manager

So if you opened up any web browser here as if we were going to download driver software on our own let’s say we were going to try and download an AMD driver. You would pretty much replicate this for whatever driver software you’re looking for but let’s just say AMD is our company here.

Download AMD driver:

  • Windows 10 not Detecting Second MonitorWe’re going to do am DS driver update or something a variation of this it doesn’t have to be the exact same thing.
  • So underneath download drivers on the google page we consider.
  • Something this is a D driver auto detect you could probably also google that as well get directly cured through
    mass you open
  • Most of the big guys do have an automatic driver detection tool.
  • So at this point, you would just law school on the download.
  • Button right here keep in mind you’re not going to obviously download a and D drivers for NVIDIA graphic cards and same in Reverse.
  • So you want to make sure you’re downloading the right drivers.

Then at that point I would recommend refreshing that tool. If that doesn’t resolve your problem I would definitely recommend restarting your entire system and then hopefully the second monitor should be detected at that point. I hope this brief the tutorial helped you guys

How to Fix Registry Errors Windows 10

How to fix registry Windows 10, so this should be a fairly quick tutorial and we’re gonna jump right into it. So this should work for all major versions of Windows, so Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 make all newer versions there’s more so what I’m in and we’re gonna jump right into it. The first thing I recommend doing would be to create a backup of your registry:

Step by step Fix Registry Windows

  • Open up the Start menu type in regedit so our eg EDI t, so regedit this man should say regedit re GE di t you want to right click on it.
  • And then left we’re gonna run as administrator if you receive a user account control window you want to select yes you. Fix registry Windows 10
  • Now you won’t go up to the top left corner versus file and you want to left-click on it then you want to left click on export you.
  • This will basically make a copy of your bread tree if you ever have to back up to it.
  • So for filename you name whatever you want you to back up and then you want to do today’s date or whatever and if you ever wanted to restore back from a back up all. You have to do is left-click on the file tab again left click on import and basically this is how you would just import back in your registry file if you ever had to restore back.
  • So now that you made a backup I recommend closing out of the registry editor. Then you want to open up a web browser it doesn’t matter which one I’m just going to open up Google Chrome for this tutorial you.
  • And now into Google I’m gonna head over to Google I’m gonna type into the search menu I’m going to type in our eg reg soft it’s with an S and then registers your pair in a manner. When the best matches should say free windows registry to Fix registry Windows 10
  • And you want to make sure not clothing on an advertisement here you want to be getting it directly from the source this is a free application, so I want to stress that, so it should say re GS oft Escom in the domain name. You want to make sure you’re downloading it directly from the cyclist who knows where else you could be clicking.
  • So you want to be getting it from here and now there should be something says download. now you wanna left click on that beware of any advertisements that might be on the screen like this is clearly an ad and this is an ad. So just watch out for that you know I mean you want to make sure downloaded directly from the site and it should say reg pair setup and that’s how you know you probably downloaded the right file here.
  • so I’m gonna left we want to one time to open it up and if you receive a user account control window you want to select yes.
  • And I’m also going to minimize out of the web browser, so it should say welcome to the free Windows registry repair setup program this program Lewin. So the free Windows registry repair on your computer so I’m next.
  • So I’m next again one more time actually I line the I click next one more time after that and where it says launch free Windows registry repair keep that check marked in there and select finish.
  • And you can maybe I say closed out of the web browser, so I should say welcome to the free Windows registry repair and at this point what I want you guys to do is run a full scan, so left click on the full scan button this will take a couple minutes to run, so just be to Fix registry Windows 10

Okay so once it’s done I’d recommend left clicking on fix errors right here on the left side and it should very quickly say the errors were fixed at this point recommend closing out of this utility if you wanted to install. You’re more than welcome to go through programs and features like you would any normal application and if you ever experienced any problems for this I would recommend restoring your registry back as I said earlier in the tutorial. But it should be very straightforward and I do hope this article helped fix your problems and as always thank you for watching and I look forward to catching you all in the next tutorial goodbye.

How to Fix Windows Live Mail error in Windows 10

How to fix Windows live mail Windows 10 inside the creators update after you’ve updated maybe you have in sync issues or you can’t add new mail accounts or it just won’t open or you have any issues with it then I’m going to show you some steps to take to fix this. now we have got a post on the forums where someone’s having trouble stuff what would make a quick video to show you some steps that you can take to try and rectify this issue. A first thing want to try isWindows Live Mail Windows 10

  • You want to go down to the windows flag icon here or the start button and then click settings inside here you want to go to apps once the apps are open. You want to come down to where it says mail you can see mail and calendar here click on this one and then from here you want to go to where it says Advanced Options click on that and the next thing you want to do is click on resetWindows Live Mail Windows 10
  • And this will permanently delete the app data on this device including all your preferences and sign-in details, this may be corruption here and it’s always best to try this first okay
  • And that could rectify it the problem now, if that doesn’t work then what we’re going to do is uninstall it and reinstall it okay. So first off what we’re going to do here now what you want to do is restart your computer.
  • So once you’ve restarted your computer it will start doing the updates.
  • So I’ve just restarted there, so now we have our computer restarted what we want to do is remove the mail and calendar app okay
  • We’re going to go on to the flag icon here which you should start button right click here
  • Go to Windows PowerShell admin this will open up the PowerShell and you should see administrator Windows PowerShell then what we want to do is paste in our command.
  • So it’s just gonna put this big command in here and you can see what it’s going to do it’s just basically gonna remove the Microsoft Windows communications app which is your mail
  • And calendar ok push enter and this will then start to remove that you can see it’s been removed down the bottom here.
  • So what we want to do next you can do this in command, but what I’m going to do is I’ll show you another way you can go to the store here. and all you need to do is a typing store and that
  • Will come to the Microsoft Store open this up and from here what you want to do is put Merrill and you can see here since you put now in now in calendar click on this one and you want to push get and this will start to install.
  • We want to do now it says this product has been installed when I closed this off and we want to reboot our computer,
  • Let’s go ahead and reboot and there we are back at the desktop and you and you will have the mail icon missing here
  • But don’t worry we can put that back. so all you’re doing here now is going to go to your mail.
  • So come down here you can see mail right click on this move and you can pin this to your taskbar like so

if you’re still having issues with syncing where it’s not syncing properly I’ll show you a fix because after the update to the creator’s update there was an issue whether we’ve syncing and adding new apps and I’ll show that right now.

  • What we’re going to do here is try to reinstall the missing packages in the mail when you’re having troubles were syncing.
  • Going to do here is go down to the search and type CMD
  • And we’re going to run the command prompt here as administrator.
  • Right click run as administrator say yes the user account control and this will open up our command prompt
  • Now you’re going to need to paste in this command here we’ll leave this in the description so you can just copy and paste it push enter and this will start to bring that package down ok you see the operation has completed successfully, now once that is done this will resolve the resync issue.
  • So what you need to do again is just quickly reboot the system, you can see it wants to update all the time and that’s because we’re fixing issues and once we get back here you should be able to open up your mail client here and you should be able to add new accounts here like so okay.Windows Live Mail Windows 10

And that should resolve that issue so if you are having those issues then that’s the way you can work around and hopefully try to fix your mail issue inside Windows 10 anyway if you have any more problems then head over to the forums and I can try and help you out over there it’s just a quick I hope this one helps you out my name is Brian from bright tech computers code or UK thanks again for watching guys on face be continued support have a good day bye for now.