How to Fix Scaling for Blurry Apps in Windows 10

How to Fix Scaling for Blurry Apps in Windows 10: Hi just a follow-up on my new 4k monitor that I’ve got and the problems that I’m having. If you’re not aware I do run a three monitor system here for my article editing and screen capture and everything else I’ve got a full HD 1920 by 1080 one that I do 1080p capture on and that’s kind of like my what main web browsing one and then I’ve got I used to have a 2k monitor what a 1440p monitor in the middle that I would do my article editing on because it had larger real estate that was only a twenty five inch monitor 2k and it worked fine. Then I’ve got a portrait one on the side which is an oddball resolution I got from the dumpster and that I use for documents vertical portrait documents. anyway I decided that I needed a bigger Monda from my 25 inch 2k. So I went well, I think I can fit a 32 inch here on my desk so I bought a 32 inch monitor and I thought well I’m behind a new monitor I. Might as well get a 4k one without even thinking about the screen like scaling and stuff like that would I actually be able to see the font send the windows scaling issue and stuff like that anyway I’ve been pulling my hair out for like the last week trying to get this optimized now.

Let’s let’s have a look, here I’m now running my new 4k it’s a BenQ monitor one of these eyecare ones for you know for those who care I’m not. Sure the model number anyway it’s a 4k being human derp and of course there’s a couple of Windows ah ok let me let’s start out, let’s go into display settings here ok. So these are my monitors that I’ve got set up as you can see it’s a 3840 by 2160 and it recommends windows recommends a hundred and fifty percent scaling factor now of course I run all my others hundred percent scaling. But if you run a hundred percent scaling on I’m not sure you have to watch this in 4k probably to get this. I’m capturing this in 4k and you can see that like the fonts I can see them I can read the. But like being I’m probably 800 millimeters away eight nine hundred millimeters away from the screen and I can read them that they’re small and I’ve got to concentrate. if I run my Vegas video, editing software then you know the font set like it looks great it’s all nice and sharp all the fonts are perfect everything’s just fine and dandy but they’re too small the font is too small. For me to read I don’t want to have to squint I’ll end up ruining my eyesight to do that right. So I don’t want to do that at all, so yeah don’t buy a 32 inch 4k set 800 millimeters away from it or a meter away and think that you’re gonna be able to read it on a hundred percent scaling.

How to Fix Scaling for Blurry Apps in Windows 10

How to Fix Scaling for Blurry Apps in Windows 10

Because you’ll won’t okay so you’ve got to actually follow Windows scaling recommendations to actually scale it up and of course your applications change yes I’m aware that when. You do this you might have to reboot your machine and reboot your applications in order for it to take effect but it works in this particular case that I’m going to show here anyway. So a hundred and fifty percent scaling and the fonts are quite a readable size, but the problem has been that some applications are blurry and here we go windows tell you tells you down here fix apps that are blurry. You can go in there and like open settings and you can fix scale in apps that are blurry I don’t recommend this. I found that no option of that makes it actually work so we can piss that off completely windows. scaling now there are several ways well, actually let me show you the problem okay. I load up I run Vegas okay 150 percent scaling, you might see I’m not sure if this is going to show up okay the the text in the top left corner there in the title bar is nice and sharp okay it’s rendered correctly. yep you know someone’s here that’s all alright sorry about that that was a new delivery of new 121 GW multimeters whose truck turned up was very bemused that where’s the where’s the loading dock.

Nah corporate office tower yeah, anyway where was I yes look right they um this varies from app to app okay but of course the main app I’m gonna use on this monitor is Vegas okay. So you can see that the font up in the top left hand corner there is nice and sharp no problems whatsoever this is a hundred and fifty percent scale in Windows recommended and yes I have tried all other scaling factors and nothing works and 150 percent happens to be optimal for the screen size the 32 inches and the like 800 millimeters distance you know it’s just like a nice readable font but look the menus just a little bit blurry I’m not sure if this is gonna show up in the screen capture I can read them fine it’s nothing wrong my eyes they’re actually there they’re slightly burglary the font rendering is just not sharp. They’re trying to do the font scaling on there okay, so it’s actually you know it’s it’s just fuzzy and I don’t want to ruin my eyes looking at a sort of a fuzzy image I want a nice sharp font on the thing now as you can, see the the wit like the Windows desktop icons they’re all fine no problems whatsoever right. Now there is a way to actually windows provide several ways to fix the blurry thing that popped up it’s that’s like an automated kind of thing.

Override system DPIHow to Fix Scaling for Blurry Apps in Tab

Then it’s also got that scaling as I said here right so you’ve got the the scaling factor plus you can optimize in your with your GPU in this case I’ve got Nvidia card and it’s important in this case to put no scale in and override scaling mode by games and programs and all that sort of jazz right. So you’ve got the option in there as, but windows also has what’s called a clear type text option so Windows 10. Does now turn on clear type and if you turn it on makes your text, I’m not sure if you can see that but makes your text sharper. If you go through then it will give you various options you can say okay, I want to select this I want to calibrate this monitor for font and it’ll take you through all sorts of different five pages of choose the best font you know. How its rendered and stuff like that but that never fixed the no matter what options I did there for clear type but where those on or off or whether I mean went through and calibrated that for this monitor it never worked for Vegas. So Vegas was obviously overriding and that and doing sewn theme as would say open view as well if F in view would be another one it’s not gonna do it. Now no no that’s clear as okay but F in view gave me and actually gives me a problem on my 1080 monitor which I need to fix.

Okay, so f in view is actually sharp these fonts here are nice and sharp on this 4k monitor with 100% scaling but I dragged that and sorry I can’t capture it now. But drag it over and they’re fuzzy they instantly become fuzzy it’s a per screen thing that’s happening which is really rather annoying so anyway what we want to do is fix Vegas so what you can do is you go into Vegas, you’ve got to do the XE okay. So you’ve got to go into the executable not the link to it or anything like that you go into properties and you click compatibility here okay and here we go change high DPI settings okay. You’ve got to click on that and then use this setting to fix scaling problems for this program. Instead of the one in settings this was normally unchecked by check that and it didn’t fix the problem. So I’m gonna leave it checked, so I haven’t checked no pun intended if it works with or without that option but the one that fixes it the magic option is here.

Enable Process System DPIHigh DPI scaling override override high DPI scaling behavior performed by you’ve got applications system or enhanced I haven’t tried the others but it works on application. So if I click that I should have had Vegas open, I guess and we apply and then we can go in it’s done it’s done Vegas should. Now be fixed on this look you can see it is sharper I can see it instantly boom and now all the text looks nice and sharp. it hasn’t tried to correct all that beautiful problem solved I’m going to I thought I was going to have to go out and buy a 2k monitor like a 32-inch 2k which is a 2560 by 1440 resolution in order to do one-to-one a hundred percent scaling so to get the larger screen. to get a larger font to make it sort of like easy to read, but also get well yeah it would have been the same as my no it would have given me more information on my Vegas screen here and the thing with thing with this right. If I sorry it’s not all set up at the moment it’s not it’s because it’s anyway.

If I go into here and I set it to like 200% scaling okay then that will change Vegas and I won’t see as much stuff right Vegas will look much bigger here. Like things actually it hasn’t changed it did before it’s asking me if I want blurry again? but anyway usually it changes so that you can’t see as much information there on the screen. So if we go into oh nope if we go into a hundred percent scaling of course we will boom-boom shake-a boom we will get much more stuff will fit much more stuff on our Vegas screen. Which is important when you’re editing you can get more stuff in the timeline and more stuff in their docking bars up here and all that sort of jazz. Anyway that is fix my problem Thanks to everyone who tried to help on Twitter and may be asked on the forum as well and everyone. Was throw-in options are clear type will fix it not didn’t fix it it was that individual dpi high DPI scaling factor in the properties for the actual application. So I might have to change the application for each and every program god that’s small change that the real windows recommended one is just fine and dandy thank you very much.

Yeah done done we’re all good to go so there you go it was that that was the issue with the high DPI sky and so might have to change that app by app. But as I said not all apps have the problem, some just work just fine they render their fonts just fine and it depends on how they’ve. Written and compiled the program and stuff like that, David said that when he was writing the apps like the Windows app for the 121 GW for example when he did the development he just like turned off all this proper scaling. He said look it’s gotta look you know during development but trust me, it’ll look better when I apply all the scale installed the proper scaling stuff inside the software. So some apps just maybe aren’t written well or aren’t optimized or whatever Vegas seems to be one of them and it’s not necessarily bad maybe it’s not optimized for other situations I’m not sure of the details did that change high DPI settings works a treat we know winner chicken dinner.

So I’m now happy with my for came under I’ve won a B I paid a lot of money for it and I was hoping I wouldn’t have to like resell it scrap it that’s gonna scrap it but yeah. Anyway I’ve now got my 32 inch which seems like a it’s a great size for my desktop here wouldn’t want any big everyone sits good a 40 inch my desk is only so deep okay. I just like this one’s practical it’s actually hanging over the back of the disc here so yeah, no thanks. So 32 inch is great and Vegas is fixed and I’m happy as Larry except my name ain’t Larry stave our bloody Fix Scaling for Blurry Apps in Windows 10 anyway there you go hope you found that useful high DPI scaling catch you next time.

How to Fix CD or DVD Drive is Not Working in Windows 10

How to hopefully resolve if your DVD or CD Drive not working Windows 10 properly on your windows computer. This can be a very fun string issue and in this tutorial, I’m gonna show you guys how to hopefully resolve it without too much of a hassle and without further ado let’s begin.

We’re gonna begin by opening up the Start menu just by left clicking on the start button one time and you want to proceed to type in troubleshoot best man should come back with troubleshooting right above system settings you want to left-click on that one time. CD Drive Not Working Windows 10So now it says get up running you want to scroll down to get to underneath find fix other problems go to where it says hardware and devices find and fix problems with devices in hardware and then left pull and run the troubleshooter this will take a moment to run so please be patient you simile so you restore your PC to finish installing drivers and updates you want to love coke and apply the fix and then left with one next you okay so at this point I would suggest restarting your computer, see vadas resolve the issue now out of it it has not. I would then suggest after again restarting your computer go into the device manager. and then you want to go underneath the DVD slash cd-rom drives expand that either double-click on it or left pulling a little arrow next to it you want to right-click on this option it comes in underneath and then left going up the driver search automatically for updated driver software.

My see the best driver is already in sold click on close. Now you want to go underneath ID e space ad a, so I should HC API controllers expand that now I would suggest removing any standard SATA HCI controller in here. CD Drive Not Working Windows 10So right-clicking on it left going on sold device left click on uninstall would suggest you guys also restore your computer after that and see even now the types 3 USB drive. Now if that still did not work for you there is one further thing we can try in this tutorial and that would be to open up regedit or registry editor. So can I go to the Start menu type in regedit already GED IT best master state red cheddar you want a right-click on it and then left click on run as administrator’ if you receive a user account control window you want to left click on yes? now you want to expand each key local machine folder, so either double click or left call and little arrow next to it now you want to do the same thing for the system. And now you want to do it for current controller set right here double-clicking on that and now you want to do it for control and you can also make this bar a little wider here just dragging it over so we can see where we’re going.CD Drive Not Working Windows 10 So once you’re done control you want to go down until you get to class right here to this double click on that now we’re going to expand that now you want to look for something that says 4d 360 so we see I’ve located it’s 4d 369 6 5 / III 25 / 11 C E and so forth you guys can see it from my path up at the top here as well. But now on the right side there should be something that says lower filters all you want to do now is just right click on it left click on delete it’s gonna say deleting certain registry 8 values click call system instability are you sure you want to permanently delete this value you want to love to click on yes. So there you go guys and then I would suggest again restarting your computer.

So I’d actually suggest as well taking it over ever your DVD devices underneath the device manager and go online they actually down the driver software for that’s another thing you can try as well other than that I mean your optical drive could be bad on your computer and might actually physically need to be replaced in which case no software the Toros going to be able to resolve that for you. Just want to put that out there that’s always a possibility, so it could be a hardware issue we deal in the world of software issues and troubleshooting on this channel in case you guys were not aware that’s pretty much what the focus is so there’s a hardware issue that is not going to be covered in this tutorial so I do hope this brief tutorial was able to help you guys out

How to Fix Network Connections Issues in Windows 10

How to fix network connections Windows 10 error like can’t connect to this network this error will occur while you trying to connect to our Wi-Fi with a laptop. So I will show you the six matrices in this problem

This a One Method fix Network Connections

First from the basic start from the basic go to start there are a first method and filtering then click on update and security selected server should ok, and here you will get all option network internet connections final feeds click on it and click on transit services. Network Connections Windows 10This will find and fix were connecting issue network issue to try this or this will fix the problem, so if not tweets go to the second option the second option is right click on this PC then click on manage ok, and click on device manager and then extend the network adapter right click on your Wi-Fi adapter and then click on update try wall click on browse my computer. Let me pick from the leaves and you can choose any one like the microphone or in the tub then click on next and this will update your network to adopt or try walls.

This a Second Method fix Network Connections

So this is a second method now you can go with the one more man whatever like updating you are try was the side click on your Wi-Fi and then click on search ultimately this will auto search for let us operate from the internet. Network Connections Windows 10So now Moodle third option, so the third option is it’s a very powerful method of it we restart and then type CMD and click on run as administrator okay here you need to have the simple code. So first type and need to SH experience of this video research caps-lock type I hit enter it will successfully reset the net means Deathlok and you must restart the cameras or restart and again good CMD and again type ii command like in any TCH int IP reset and then hit enter.

This a Third Method Fix Network Connections

Network Connections Windows 10So this is a second third method to fill this problem needs power from attack and the fourth matter is if you still facing the problem the food matter is there are little network and Draupadi and China are pursuing then go to the Wi-Fi right click property ok, and click on network protocol version 4. Then click on property here check on you the following DNS server type here 8 8 8 8 and alternate DNS server type 8 8 4 4. so try this hopefully this will fix your problem and if you see facing the problem you can go with a second a DNS server goes to the property of your Wi-Fi and portable and here change the DNS our like to not 8.6 you see one do-do-do-do-do-do ok. Alternate view server type 2 not 8 6 a 1 220 220 and now try to connect click ok try to connect your internet connection.

Network Connections Windows 10Note : This is a 6 meter and a lost matter if it is still facing the problem you need to research your networks. So guru setting good enough for the internet and then you click on network research, so this will reset you all network setting to default. Now you can reset your route or if you are using Wi-Fi router, so you can also reset your wife a looter. So after research, you need to configure your route or anywhere he is serving so these are 6 methods I have shown and let me know in command option or which method you work with you.

How to Fix Repair Windows 10 Using Automatic Repair

How to Fix Repair Windows 10 using Automatic Repair: you in this one we’re gonna be looking at windows 10 automatic repair and how it can help you repair your Windows 10 operating system now. If you’re having issues with say for instance boot you’re not issues where you’re getting reboot loops or you may be getting to the desktop you got pop-ups or some sort of issue after you’ve booted up maybe a program you’ve installed driver issues Windows updates issues corrupt registry and corrupt windows files. And you’ve this is normally the first step that you can try to try and fix a lot of those issues.

So we’ll go through the fixing process of this from the desktop and then also. If you can’t boot the system and you’re not been able to get into safe mode or anything like that then we’ll try booting into the actual windows disk and I’ll show you can do the same process from there as well. So they start off with the desktop process first so as you can see here we’ve just got this star bun here gonna click on this and we’re going to come down to where it says settings and if you click on settings here inside this settings panel, you can come down to where it says update and security click on that there and this will then open up the update and security window come down to where. It says recovery and then you will see advanced startup so you see here startup from devices for disk such as USB or DVD, change windows startup settings or restore windows from a system image this will restart your PC.

Repair Windows 10 using Automatic Repair

Fix Repair Windows 10 Using Automatic Repair

So this is the area we’re going to go to ok, so first off click on this and this will restart your system. So once you’ve restarted your system, you want to come down to where it says troubleshoot hit this area here and then as you can see here we’ve got a couple of options we’re gonna go into advanced options here and then as you can see here we’ve now got some options here. Now startup repair is what you want to be hittin here to try to fix problems that keep Windows from loading properly so this is the area here. So if you click on this this is gonna run that for you, okay. So now it asks you to choose the account, so we’re gonna choose the account yours will be different – a variety, so I’m gonna click on this and we’re gonna push continue now. If you’ve got your password here, you need to enter your password you can change your keyboard layout here. If you wish we’re gonna push continue then it’ll start diagnosing your PC for any issues that you may be having and try to fix those issues for you.

Now you see here startup repair couldn’t repair your PC, press Advanced Options to try other options the reason why this is, is because there’s nothing wrong with the computer it’s just me showing you what to do but if you had problems it would hopefully try to repair this and it will be notified here. Okay so you’ve got yourself a little log file here, located in this location. If you wanted to read that or post that on to a forum to someone to say that you’ve carried out the automatic repair the next option is to go to Advanced Options and again. You can go into where it says troubleshoot here and there is some other options here. So I’m going to go back into Advanced Options and as you can see here, you’ve got a system restore which is restoring the computer back to a time when the computer was working properly and normally. You can set this up so you can actually roll that computer back to that time system image recovery he’s basically recovering a PC from an image star repair which is what we’ve covered all.

You got you come on from startup settings and so on here, basically these year other options that you’ve got as well. So let me just show you how you can get this, if you can’t boot up the machine if you have any issues and you want to get to this area so we’re gonna boot up to either a recovery CD or we’re gonna boot up to a Windows CD. So they’ve restart the PC before I do that I just want to cover this reset the PC this is gonna reset your PC back to a time and reinstall windows you will lose a lot of programs and stuff like that it will wipe your machine. So you gotta be a bit careful when you’re doing that. So we’re gonna do here is just reboot a system to a Windows CD or recovery CD so as you can see I’m on a dual boot system here Windows 10 with Linux Mint the Windows boot menu offers you some other options.

As you can see here, please specify advanced options for this choice which is f8. So I’m going to be doing that but once you get to this stage you can now see we’ve got some other options open to us and you can see here now we can see that we’ve got f10 for more options and launch recovery environment. So I’m going to do that push one and again it’s the same old process here of troubleshoot Advanced Options and then you can do your startup repair and run that so as you can see here it’s as simple as that ready you just go through the same process with the CD as she continued here and it will start to do a check and diagnose the PC. So we’re just gonna go back and continue to Windows 10.

So hopefully after you followed that process your system should be back up and running and should be fixed and that’s how you can run the Repair Windows 10 using Automatic Repair to fix a lot of those niggling issues that you may have. You have in with Windows 10 so my name is alex from bright fix connections windows 10 devices. This article helps you out guys, I hope this one fixed all your problems. If it did then give that article a like up it does help me out a lot also. If you want to subscribe to my website and be updated when I upload new article then hit that bookmark button also. If you want to join our forums and join the community over there or if you’ve got a computer issue you may want to post on the forums and try and get some help over there. You can also do that as well the Information on the screen it’s free of charge to do so and I will see you again in the next article bye for now.

How to Fix Windows 10 Error 0xc000021a

How to Fix Windows 10 Error 0xc000021a: what you guys gone over windows repair article here for ya now. If you’re moving into this error message here then this article is for you. Now you’re going to see Windows is going to attempt to repair this error by using the automatic repair and you’ll probably see that it doesn’t work and this is pretty common with Windows it will always try to do this automatic repair and sometimes it’s unsuccessful and you get caught in this reboot loop where you constantly reboot and you’ll get the same error message. If you are getting that error message then read this article and I’ll show you how you can possibly fix it now this is where you’re going to get to automatic repair.

You can click restart here or Advanced Options and continue to boot to Windows 10 which we’re going to do here. and it will attempt to reboot and then what’s going to happen, you’re just going to get straight back to that error message and that’s because it hasn’t fixed their issue an error message is 0XC000021a and it’s a pretty common error message and I’ll show you.

How to Fix Windows 10 Error 0xc000021a

How to Fix Windows 10 Error 0xc000021a

How to try to resolve, it so let me skip this part out here and go back into Advanced Options here, so once we’re in Advanced Options we’re going to go into troubleshoot then Advanced Options again. Now you can see we have reset this PC, we only use that unless we really have to. If we can’t fix it we have got command prompt and some other things left on the screen like system restore which you can attempt but we’re going to try command prompt now, I want to make sure that I’m on my Windows drive here so I’m just going to type C code on and then dir to make sure that Windows is on my. Directory you can see it’s not there so, we’re not in the right place so I’m going to type D : now and this is normally the case it’s normally on D. So we’re just going to push dir and then we can see where our windows directory there, so we’re good to go now. So the first thing we’re going to try here is a long command which is the disome.

Ford / image : C colon backslash ful /
cleanup – image space Ford / revert

Pending actions now you’ll notice the C there which, I’m typing up and I change it to a D and that’s because mine is D but if yours you see you need to type C. Okay so it’s either C or D you need to check that so make sure you type the right letter otherwise it won’t work now.

Once you’ve done, that you can type the rest in and it does take a bit of time to type this in because it’s not a normal common type command you’re typing in there’s lots of back slashes and forward slashes and it can be quite confusing. So take your time make sure you type it in properly and I will to leave these in the description of the article for you so you can just copy and paste them in if you want to and we’re going to try to enter now this is pretty useful if you vent an update go wrong or something like that you can try to. revert back okay you can see it’s trying to do its thing here and you can see now. It says operation complete revert of pending actions will be attempted after. the reboot so now you can reboot your system and make sure that you have got that drive letici I’ve used D because on the D Drive but, if yours is C then make sure you keep that C in there and lot D. Now you can reboot your system by typing exit and then reboot to see if that fixes or resolves or issue. If it don’t then come back into here and go back into troubleshoot ok now we’re not goin to use reset this PC yet but you can see.

You’ve got go back to a previous version, if you’ve had an update you can use that method or system restore you’ve already tried to start up repair and we will try startup settings and we’ll try it out a little bit later on but we’re going to do here is going to go straight back into command prompts, because there’s a couple more commands we can try to try to fix our issue so again what we want to do here is go back into our D Drive and we’re going to make sure that we are there is not a waste of my time and now we’re going to try check disk space /f space /r and trying to fix, any errors on the drive just in case and we’ll run this and it will say do you want to dismount the drive going to say yes. So we can run these checks now. That’s going to take a bit of time to run guys so be patient and I’m going to try and speed this process up for you. So it doesn’t buoy too much and just let that run through and again it depends on the size you drive and how fast your PC is and how long that’s going to take. Okay next we’re going to try SFC space /scannow that is fixes a lot of issues so we’re going to try running this and let it verify all the files on our operating system it’s going to take a while so be patient now. We’re going to try this other command now this other command is a pretty good one it’s didn’t thought slash online forward slash cleanup – image full slash restore health you can use this one as well.

If you’re still unsuccessful now in between here guys you can try to rebuild the system each. Time that’s what advise you to do rather, than do what I’m doing here. I’m just doing it for speed, but if you’re still having issues go back into Advanced Options here and you can now go into startup settings. Now inside here when you click restart it’s going to give you a couple of options that you can choose to try and fix or resolve your issue the ones we’re looking at here is safe mode, with networking and also disabled drivers signature enforcement try the disabled driver signature enforcement and reboot your system. If you’ve installed any software or anything like that then you can use a safe mode with networking and remove that software and try to reboot. Or you what you can do is back up all your data from safe mode and then reboot the system and do every refresh your PC. Or reset your PC from there okay and that should fix the issue.

If you’ve tried just about everything I’ve talked about here. So we’re going to try and get into safe mode here and as you can see it started to boot to the logon screen and you can see here we are now in safe mode. So that’s a good sign that we’ve got to safe mode now I’m going to quickly restart and go back to my main boom screen. So I can go straight to the desktop to see if it will get there and see if those are command to fix the issue. So we just let this boot up and may take a bit of time we’ll just let that run and there we are got to the login screen where we never got to before we’ve got the blue screen of death and as you can see here. It looks pretty good it looks like those commands are fixed our issue and there we are straight back at the desktop and if I hope this one I will show up guys that’s.

How you can resolve that error message it can be a bit pesky and can be a bit of a nightmare blue screens but if, you’re if you stick with it and take your time you should be back up and running in no time and if all else fails you can always reset the PC anyway thanks again for read How to Fix Windows 10 Error 0xc000021a bye for now Up next.

How to Fix Windows 10 Computer Keeps Freezing Randomly

how to fix windows 10 freezes randomly your computer. here are a few simple tweaks that you can perform yourself to avoid expensive repairs or buying a new computer. Windows 10 Keeps Freezing

Let’s dive in tip number one

Modify your power options some of the default settings can cause your entire computer to freeze up let’s change them now right-click the windows button here and click power options then click additional power settings here on the right pane click choose what the power buttons do here on the left pane and you’ll see these options below, be sure that turn off fast startup and sleep are both unchecked. Windows 10 Keeps FreezingYou can enable these options by clicking change settings that are currently unavailable here then you can make changes get to save when you’re done and right here we’ll modify the plan set by clicking change plan settings and change advanced power settings until this pop-up window shows up on top be sure you’re running on high-performance and here under Intel graphics centers, Intel graphics power plant, be sure that both are set to balance. Then look for PCI Express link state power management and set both to off save all the changes and exit from the power options window when you’re done.

Tip number 2

Uninstall recent or unwanted programs,Windows 10 Keeps Freezing if you recently installed a program when the computer freezes started happening to try uninstalling it also it’s a good practice to uninstall any programs you no longer need. The less cluttered your computer the better click the windows button and settings which looks like a gear icon here click apps and scroll through the list to see which ones. You don’t use you can uninstall one program at a time by selecting it and clicking uninstall if you need it in the future just reinstall it

Tip number three

Delete unnecessary temp files your computer is loaded with temp files that are just wasting space and potentially causing problems to delete them right-click the windows button and click run type in % Temp % and hit enter.Windows 10 Keeps Freezing Select all the files here with your mouse or by pressing ctrl-a on your keyboard and hit delete. let’s move on to another folder by right-clicking the windows button again choose run type temp click OK. You might see this window popping up every now and then and that’s normal just click continue to delete all the files here and for the last folder type in prefetch and delete all those files too. Alright so there you have it three quick tips that should prevent your computer freezing if you don’t want to perform these steps on your own and prefer to have software do it for you click the link in the description box below to visit registry – clean – up dot net and click the download button to install the software. with this software, Windows 10 Keeps Freezingyou can run a scan of your computer to diagnose why it’s not running in peak performance simply click the Scan button and wait a few minutes while it runs a complete diagnosis of your computer. And here are the results as you can see the software can do many of the steps we have mentioned earlier as well as perform some additional performance tweaks such as removing malware updating drivers fixing registry errors and corrupted files and it will even help protect your privacy. But please take note that in order to perform all the tweaks you’ll have to register the software, once again to get your free diagnosis to click the link in the description box below to visit registry – clean – up the net and download the software.

How to Fix DNS server not responding error on Windows 10

how to fix DNS server not responding Windows 10 this is our internet issue. If you find any type of DNS server then so I will show you two easy method to fix this type of DNS server problem value navigating internet connection. How to Fix DNS server not responding Windows 10So first thing is to go to our network here, and right click on network put the property and then change our setting and then you will find your Wi-Fi or Internet if you are using Wi-Fi then go with a Wi-Fi. I am using Ethernet so right click on you are Ethernet then go to properties, select on ipv4 and then properly. So now click on the check on use the following DNS server ok. It may be like age like this 8 8 and 8 lot of people you use this like 8 8 & 4 4 like this but sometimes this deer has not worked. so I’ll show the next DNS server, here in front of there just type 2.86 is here 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 and next already a DNS server here type to not 8:60 say 1 220 220 like this is this killer you retype this IP in your DNS server after this click right and see the phosphorous after it after this restart your PC and try to use the internet connection these are one thing. If not help then you need to go to your command prompt you just go to prom or prom and go to the right click on you is it start and then go to command prompt admin ok.

here you need to type some code I have given this code in my video description link so you can copy the code I will show you all How to Fix DNS server not responding Windows 10type the code first you need to type “net SH space int space her research his face C colon backward slash and he said log dot text” after you enter this first code hate in Chow okay. Then he will get some ice cream and the next code you need to type net sedge windsock or result remember this after this hate in Chow okay. This is killing it will really set your internet IP address okay. Now we need to flash the DNS if you are getting the bad DNS or corrupted DNS we need to flash it so for these do the same thing like in your compound type “ipconfig this pays for a slash / DN a–‘s” don’t worry I have given all this code in my video description just copy and paste and hit it all the muscle should is after every code you need to hit enter okay. Nexus again type “ipconfig space and force lad register DNS” and hit enter and then type “ipconfig he space/slash release” and then hit enter and the last is “ipconfig his face for / renew and hit” done this will reset your IP address repair your DNS and almost a fix was all problem of DNS and IP address.

so use it and after this restart your pc and try to browse internet hopefully this will fix a problem and one more bonus tip you can do one more thing double swing bar sometimes double should not work. So just right-click on your network icon and here just type click on troubleshoot but this is not a very useful thing is a common thing so lost in the bonus you can try it, so this is very simple thanks for watching

How to fix Windows Media Player not Working For Windows 10

show you how to fix Windows media player For Windows 10 not working caching not playing or videos or whatever problem we have between Windows Media Player you can fix this so I will show you for yourself to fix any type of Windows Media Player. so what is video carefully,

How to fix windows media player not working :

  • so first is just open the control panel
  • there’s a force on basing to open the control panel and now change the logic on here like thisWindows Media Player For Windows 10
  • and then go to the troubleshooting okay and here select view all and now select windows media library so select it and now just click next it will troubleshoot your media playerWindows Media Player For Windows 10
  • so if you find any your error in media player just click on apply fix so this will fix any type of your media player error
  • so just apply so you can see media of memory is chilly or corrupted so close it so sometimes it will fix but most of them that about should not work
  • so for this second and the best matter is so second option is going to control panel
  • and this time take the category and here click on the foreground and under the pogrom on future click on turn windows feature on and off open this one it’s called on here you’ll find the option like media future just uncheck this okWindows Media Player For Windows 10
  • uncheck show turning of the media player might affect other windows feature and program installed on your camera so that’s when it will install a media player and after this, it will reinstall a fresh copy of media played.Media Player For Windows 10
  • so simply click on yes ok and after this, you need to turn off or restart your PC
  • so after in this just go to start and restart your PC so after restart once again go to control panel and for gram then futures and this time you need to check on this option like this media player check on this one check on and okay.
  • so you must restart after doing this stop. okay the next option is that all options go to services like the study scientists are and open the services okay this oneWindows Media Player For Windows 10
  • Windows Media Player network sharing service open it one I’m simply disable it okay simply disable this option Windows Media Player network sharing services apply ok.

so this is the tar method and the final limiter and if you’re interfacing problem like playing videos. so open the cooker and in the pool girl just type Media Player codec pack search it and open the first link and after this download, this simple tool did a simple tool for a crack for Windows media player for Windows 10 or don’t worry after you download just double-click to set up this file simple. so install this file I have already installed ok, so after you install you can restart your PC and hopefully this will fix her power so I have shown the four methods

How to Fix Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict in Windows 10

what to do if you get an error message stating that how to fix Windows has detected an IP address conflict and you cannot connect to the Internet so stay tuned this error generally occurs when more than one of your device tries to use the same IP address. so the first and easiest solution for this problem will be to switch off the router and switch it back after a few seconds and hopefully, this should correct the problem, if not then

How to Fix IP Address Conflict Step in Windows 10

  • press the Windows + R button on the keyboard to run this dialog box and you must run the CMD command prompt. Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict
  • now type this command, release config, and type another command IP config renew.
  • now what you are told to do is delete the old IP address and will assign a new IP address to your device.Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict
  • also if you want to enter it, you can enter the IP address manually, if you want to enter the IP address manually.
  • then right-click on the network connection icon, here on the taskbar click on open network and sharing center.Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict
  • now under the connection click on the type of internet connection you have I use a LAN card you might have Wi-Fi internet, right click and click properties, select the Internet Protocol version and click on properties. now you can see in case I get the IP address automatically it has been selected.Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict
  • so if I want to enter an IP address manually I will use this input option using the following IP address, then I will enter the IP address on line 2 1 6 8 1 all three are always the same as the last You can put whatever number you want for me, I will only give the number 100. then press tab the subnet mask will be from the player automatically for the default gateway, you can use 1 to 1 6 8 1 1 then click OK.Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict

now you have successfully entered your IP address manually, so this way you will be able to fix the windows problem detecting IP address conflicts thank you

How to Fix Realtex Audio Issue After Windows 10 Update

How to Fix Realtek Audio Issue After Windows 10 Update: what you guys I’ve had a few people contact me about the Realtek Audio Driver saying it’s not working after they’ve upgraded their Windows 10 or updated to Windows 10. So for make a quick tutorials to show you how to resolve this issue now there’s quite a few article I’ve done on audio, repair but the real tech driver is something a little bit different. Because obviously it’s a particular type of driver that you need to install. So take a look at the device manager here and we can take a look at the error message so as you can see we. Do have an error on this driver it does have a yellow triangle with a exclamation mark in it and this means that the driver is either out-of-date or it’s got corrupted of during the upgrade or the update process. So what we’re going to need to do is update this driver and I’m going to show you how you can do that in this article.

Now there has been a few people saying they’ve installed the driver and it’s not working. So, you need to make sure you get the correct driver installed for it to work properly and I’ll show you how to do that in this article. So first off do a search for real Tech driver in Bing or Google and you can see here I’ve just typed that in there and you’ll see these free areas down here one is Taiwan and one is the dot-com so it doesn’t really matter. Which one you go, just make sure you’re not clicking on the advert versions here. You want the actual real tech website which is these ones I’ve listed here saying sim so either these ones will do. You so just click on one of them and this will take you to the website you need to accept their terms and conditions above and you need to download the high definition audio. Codecs now you can see them listed below there’s the 32-bit version and there’s also the 64-bit version it works for Windows and Linux UNIX as you can see there and this is the date they released it. So you need to make sure you get the right version here you can click on the global and download it from there they can also download this from the motherboard manufacturer website and this will also give you the latest version as well and I’ll show you how to do both ways of this so just make sure that you are downloading the right version.

How to Fix Realtex Audio Issue After Windows 10 Update

How to Fix Realtek Audio Issue After Windows 10 Update

Ok so I’m going to download the 64-bit version this is the normal version that most people use but you can check yours out and I’ll show you how to do that a little bit later on to make. Sure you are getting the right version, so go down to the search and type ms info in there and this will give you the system information here you will be able to see all the information on your system it is a 64-bit based PC which means it’s 64-bit and you can also see the motherboard manufacturer and name there which is gigabyte and it’s the z2 70 gaming off in desc a free and what we can do there is download the drivers from their motherboard manufacturers website and I’ll show you how to do that as well. Now sometimes they’re a little bit more helpful and they give you a bit more information and I’ll show you where we can download those, so I’m going to go over to the gigabyte website and download it from there as well so I did a search for z2 70 gaming of K free and you can see I’ve just gaming free here and it still found the right version and we’re going to just put the link there and click on this and it will open up our page and we can now see we can go to the support tab here and this will give us the downloads for the audio driver so click on the support link and it will be the same for MSI asus as walk all those motherboard manufacturers you can get the audio driver from there and you can see all we need to do here.

Now is put in the operating system which I’ve done Windows 10 64 bits and now we can see we have the Realtek Audio Drivers and the different types of versions version 1709 and version 1803. You need to make sure the you use of right version for your audio driver otherwise it won’t work. If you’ve upgraded from 1709 to 1803 and you’re using the 1709 driver it won’t work. Okay, so you need to make sure you get the right driver inside here you can see inside the screen here. You can see I am running version 1803 and that’s why we add an error message because we was using the old 1709 driver, so that’s okay we’re just gonna update this driver and we can download it on the right-hand side by clicking on one of the links over Asia China America or Europe, depending where you are in the world.

Just download the right version for your system and you should be pretty much good to go from there it’s very good. That gigabyte have helped you out here, by explaining it because some motherboard manufacturers won’t and you won’t end up installing the wrong driver every time and that’s when it doesn’t work properly so I’m gonna download the correct driver for my version and then we’re gonna let this download and we’ll start to install it now. What the driver will do is will start to uninstall first, reboot the system and then it will then start to install the new driver and that will be the end of the problem and you should be up and running in no time at all. Some ones we have our file downloaded we’re gonna need to extract it to our desktop so we can install it because it comes as a zip file here so let me just click on the folder here and extract all. This to my desktop you can put it wherever you like I’m just going to extract it there it’s a lot easier so just extract all by hitting the extract all here and navigate to where you want to extract it to so I’m just gonna click on the Browse button here and select desktop it’s that simple.

And once you’ve done that, you can click select folder and it will then go on to that desktop just click on the select folder here and then click next and that will then extract now it. Seems that real tech has caused a lot of problems for people and it is pretty straightforward and easy to resolve so. We need to do here now is click on the setup and this will start to install our file. So click on this and it will open up there we go so we need to do is let that install now it will give us some options here it’s gonna say uninstall first, so it go next and you can see it gives you the instructions here says but I only still reboot the system and it start to install a new driver. So just let that do its thing and we will continue now. If you’ve got a firewall he just need to accept that through I’m running zone alarm here so. I just have to let that throat and it should be ok you may want to disable that, if you want to it’s entirely up to you but just let that uninstall the first one it will ask you to reboot the system and then it will continue with the installation process.

So let me just continue that and we will be right back so one reboot is gonna want to start to install your new driver now so let it go ahead and do that so it’s gonna install that new driver. You’re running a firewall we just need to let that run through and then this is gonna configure our Audio Driver to get it up and running properly and it just needs to do one more restart on your computer so we’re gonna go ahead and do that so it’s. Just gonna click restart ok, after the second reboot let’s check our driver so I’m going to go down to the bottom left-hand corner right click and go device manager here open up our device manager and we can check our audio and you can see now that everything has been installed correctly and it’s all now working correctly now. If you’re still having issues here, you may want to right-click on this driver here. You’ll Realtek High Definition driver right click on there and go to properties but you should be pretty much up and running there inside your driver section here. Check inside here and we can do is go to update driver.

If you’re still having problems that is and then go to browse my computer for driver software and come down to let me pick from the list of a bale of available drivers on this computer and you want to click on the generic software device ok click on that and then click Next and let that install ok and go through I’ve got mine working so I’m not going to do it but, if you do that’s what you want to do and go next and follow that fruit and you should be good to go from there but other than that you should be pretty much ok now. If you’re still having some issue you may want to disable the advanced features inside Windows 10 and let me just quickly show you how to do that so going? to right click on the sounds feature down here and we’re going to go into sounds and for your audio down here you can see we have our real tech audio down here and you want to select that on the playback section double-click on it here and you want to make sure that everything is off you see this here you want to make sure that is set to off any of these are enhancements just disable all the effects audio sound effects I’ve, got mine left as it is because it’s working but if yours isn’t working you want to disable all of these effects okay and you should be pretty much good to go from there now there’s also a troubleshooter built into Windows which you can use for audio but that’s if your opens extreme problems and I’ve covered that in another article. So I’m not going to go over that again and I’ll leave those on the cards there you can click on those and I hope that’s gonna help you out now.

If you’re running a MSI Motherboard or Asus or as Rock or something like that you just have to follow those that same process and you should be pretty much good to go from there and you should be back up and running in no time anyway. I have this one it’ll show up my name is Alexs from protect computers doc. Okay thanks again for read to How to Fix Realtek Audio Issue After Windows 10 Update bye for now, now if you haven’t bookmarks yet hit the bookmarks button on my blog and hit the bill notification bar NYX today to be notified when we upload new post.