How to Fix CD or DVD Drive is Not Working in Windows 10

How to hopefully resolve if your DVD or CD Drive not working Windows 10 properly on your windows computer. This can be a very fun string issue and in this tutorial, I’m gonna show you guys how to hopefully resolve it without too much of a hassle and without further ado let’s begin.

We’re gonna begin by opening up the Start menu just by left clicking on the start button one time and you want to proceed to type in troubleshoot best man should come back with troubleshooting right above system settings you want to left-click on that one time. CD Drive Not Working Windows 10So now it says get up running you want to scroll down to get to underneath find fix other problems go to where it says hardware and devices find and fix problems with devices in hardware and then left pull and run the troubleshooter this will take a moment to run so please be patient you simile so you restore your PC to finish installing drivers and updates you want to love coke and apply the fix and then left with one next you okay so at this point I would suggest restarting your computer, see vadas resolve the issue now out of it it has not. I would then suggest after again restarting your computer go into the device manager. and then you want to go underneath the DVD slash cd-rom drives expand that either double-click on it or left pulling a little arrow next to it you want to right-click on this option it comes in underneath and then left going up the driver search automatically for updated driver software.

My see the best driver is already in sold click on close. Now you want to go underneath ID e space ad a, so I should HC API controllers expand that now I would suggest removing any standard SATA HCI controller in here. CD Drive Not Working Windows 10So right-clicking on it left going on sold device left click on uninstall would suggest you guys also restore your computer after that and see even now the types 3 USB drive. Now if that still did not work for you there is one further thing we can try in this tutorial and that would be to open up regedit or registry editor. So can I go to the Start menu type in regedit already GED IT best master state red cheddar you want a right-click on it and then left click on run as administrator’ if you receive a user account control window you want to left click on yes? now you want to expand each key local machine folder, so either double click or left call and little arrow next to it now you want to do the same thing for the system. And now you want to do it for current controller set right here double-clicking on that and now you want to do it for control and you can also make this bar a little wider here just dragging it over so we can see where we’re going.CD Drive Not Working Windows 10 So once you’re done control you want to go down until you get to class right here to this double click on that now we’re going to expand that now you want to look for something that says 4d 360 so we see I’ve located it’s 4d 369 6 5 / III 25 / 11 C E and so forth you guys can see it from my path up at the top here as well. But now on the right side there should be something that says lower filters all you want to do now is just right click on it left click on delete it’s gonna say deleting certain registry 8 values click call system instability are you sure you want to permanently delete this value you want to love to click on yes. So there you go guys and then I would suggest again restarting your computer.

So I’d actually suggest as well taking it over ever your DVD devices underneath the device manager and go online they actually down the driver software for that’s another thing you can try as well other than that I mean your optical drive could be bad on your computer and might actually physically need to be replaced in which case no software the Toros going to be able to resolve that for you. Just want to put that out there that’s always a possibility, so it could be a hardware issue we deal in the world of software issues and troubleshooting on this channel in case you guys were not aware that’s pretty much what the focus is so there’s a hardware issue that is not going to be covered in this tutorial so I do hope this brief tutorial was able to help you guys out

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