How to Fix Driver irql not less or equal Windows 10 / 8 / 7

I’m going to be showing how to resolve the error alert that you may receive while getting a blue screen that says driver irql not less or equal Windows 10. now, this error will typically occur after the installation of a buggy device driver system service or BIOS update this error will typically indicate that a kernel-mode process or driver tended to access memory which does not have permission to do so. and then you’ll promptly receive this error alert. so I’m going to go over away in order to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.Driver irql not less or equal - Windows 10

Method 1 Windows Memory Diagnostic

Driver irql not less or equal Windows 10So we’re going to do is head over to our search bar it does not matter if from Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10 we’re just going to try and type in memory diagnostic and there should be a desktop app or if it says if you’re on Windows 10 and that is what will come up on other versions of Windows it will still have the same icon you want to left click on that then you want to left click on restart. Now and check for problems which are recommended, so this will take a few moments and once the computer is restarted and the scan is going I will be back ok. So the computer has restarted and now it’s running the windows memory diagnostic tool. so we’re going to let this thing just run as it goes and I will be back once the test is complete

Method 2 Disable Memory Caching

Driver irql not less or equal Windows 10Hello everybody I’m back to the computer restarted if the error is still appearing for you and there’s another option we can go to and that’ll be to go to our search menu again and we want to type in device manager you on the little drop-down arrow next to disk drivers click on it and now we see we have a disc driver here and we want to double click on it. Now I want to go up to the policies tab. Now we want to left-click on quick removal this should be the first option here then we want to left-click on ok. Now you might get an alert here saying the system settings were changed your hardware settings have changed you must restart your computer for this change to take effect do you want to restart your computer now we’re going to lock on yes. So that is the second option we can explore the computer restarts hopefully your computer will not be receiving this error alert.

Method 3 Remove Peripheral Devices

Driver irql not less or equal Windows 10If that still does not resolve your issue the third method would entail removing peripheral devices from your computer meaning if you have any USB sticks flash drives mouse keyboard speakers anything that’s using a USB port or any device that’s not really required for your computer to run try testing your computer by unplugging them from the computer tower or laptop and see if the computer issues are resolved again that would be a third method if this does not work for you

So again I hope this tutorial helped you guys out and fix most of your guys’ concerns this tutorial cannot apply to everybody but hopefully in most cases this will work. so again thank you guys and I will see you in the next tutorial goodbye

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