How to Fix Connections to Printer in Windows 10

How to fix connections to printer in Windows 10 today I’m going to be showing you how to hopefully resolve issues you may have with your printer on your Windows 10 device. Now I should mention that this should be able to work on earlier versions of Windows as well I believe this method would even apply to versions as early as Windows Vista but since we are conducting this review on a no Windows 10 machine I feel that it’s important that I distinguish it as such so this tutorial is going to be focusing on the software side of errors. meaning if your printer is actually physically damaged or the ink is messed up then this tutorial is really not going to help you guys out on you might actually have to physically clean your printer or replace parts this is now with this tutorial is about this is more or less just running a troubleshooting utility to see if we can resolve the error not physically opening up a printer because there are an infinite number of printers out there and it would be very impractical for me to make a video for each one, so hopefully this tool we’re going to run today will work for you guys no guarantees but hopefully it will work it’s a very good first step nonetheless so we’re going to jump right into it and we’re going to start by heading over to our Start menu and we’re going to type in printer. Should be listed as Devices and Printers and right above the control panel or it says that so you want to left-click on this, now you want to go over to the printer section and you want to find which printer is default or current printer is. This particular can also be important the troubleshooting process because be very conscious of what printer happens to be set as default.fix connections to printer in Windows 10

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Because in some instances your default printer may well be a printer that is not even connected to your personal computer or it may be a classic printer that simply is not removed this also could cause errors all alone because obviously you cannot print with a printer that isn’t there and you will have to make positive changes to default printer, and you may also delete old printers here too so if you actually right-click the owner printer you could left-click on set as default printer, and that will set as a default printer, and you can also be left click on remove device if it was an old printer and you do not need it populating this list anymore. But anyway we’re going to pretend like that’s not our issue today and then we actually have a legitimate concern about one of our printers and we’re going to start by right-clicking on that printer now if you have a lot of prayers here and you’re confused about what printer is your printer that you’re currently trying to look up to usually the printer manufacturer name is included in the printer name so hopefully that will help a little bit a canon printer will typically say canon and then whatever the model number is most printers if not all should have the model information directly on the printer if not on the front it should be pretty clearly visible on the side. So just keep that in mind and the pictures also can be very helpful too because sometimes like larger more heavy duty printers will actually have different icons in this. So it won’t be an exact match in most cases in my actually kind of help you guys out to find what printer yours is, but anyway getting back together on course where we are going to right-click on the printer and then left click the troubleshoot option about this context menu and this point. We are able to minimize out from the Devices and Printers window, and at this time windows will undoubtedly scan for just about any issues again it’s not an assured fix bar like I said it is a very good starting point.fix connections to printer in Windows 10So it is just type of scan for various kinds of errors could be causing problems of our printer here. so we see that troubleshooter couldn’t identify the problem, this is actually pretty interesting. because I just did a dry run of this video a few minutes ago and I actually gave receive an error so if you see anything that says fix selected issues you want to left click on that otherwise you left click on explore additional options and if you go on this little option the bottom this is view detailed information.fix connections to printer in Windows 10We get a mini log that we can see different reported items of the scan. You can also left-click on this little pearl icon to print on my known your most cases that probably will not print so hopefully if you have any errors here you can just leave click on next and should resolve any problems you have, so and then I would definitely recommend restarting your computer at that point

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