How to Fix Realtex Audio Issue After Windows 10 Update

How to Fix Realtek Audio Issue After Windows 10 Update: what you guys I’ve had a few people contact me about the Realtek Audio Driver saying it’s not working after they’ve upgraded their Windows 10 or updated to Windows 10. So for make a quick tutorials to show you how to resolve this issue now there’s quite a few article I’ve done on audio, repair but the real tech driver is something a little bit different. Because obviously it’s a particular type of driver that you need to install. So take a look at the device manager here and we can take a look at the error message so as you can see we. Do have an error on this driver it does have a yellow triangle with a exclamation mark in it and this means that the driver is either out-of-date or it’s got corrupted of during the upgrade or the update process. So what we’re going to need to do is update this driver and I’m going to show you how you can do that in this article.

Now there has been a few people saying they’ve installed the driver and it’s not working. So, you need to make sure you get the correct driver installed for it to work properly and I’ll show you how to do that in this article. So first off do a search for real Tech driver in Bing or Google and you can see here I’ve just typed that in there and you’ll see these free areas down here one is Taiwan and one is the dot-com so it doesn’t really matter. Which one you go, just make sure you’re not clicking on the advert versions here. You want the actual real tech website which is these ones I’ve listed here saying sim so either these ones will do. You so just click on one of them and this will take you to the website you need to accept their terms and conditions above and you need to download the high definition audio. Codecs now you can see them listed below there’s the 32-bit version and there’s also the 64-bit version it works for Windows and Linux UNIX as you can see there and this is the date they released it. So you need to make sure you get the right version here you can click on the global and download it from there they can also download this from the motherboard manufacturer website and this will also give you the latest version as well and I’ll show you how to do both ways of this so just make sure that you are downloading the right version.

How to Fix Realtex Audio Issue After Windows 10 Update

How to Fix Realtek Audio Issue After Windows 10 Update

Ok so I’m going to download the 64-bit version this is the normal version that most people use but you can check yours out and I’ll show you how to do that a little bit later on to make. Sure you are getting the right version, so go down to the search and type ms info in there and this will give you the system information here you will be able to see all the information on your system it is a 64-bit based PC which means it’s 64-bit and you can also see the motherboard manufacturer and name there which is gigabyte and it’s the z2 70 gaming off in desc a free and what we can do there is download the drivers from their motherboard manufacturers website and I’ll show you how to do that as well. Now sometimes they’re a little bit more helpful and they give you a bit more information and I’ll show you where we can download those, so I’m going to go over to the gigabyte website and download it from there as well so I did a search for z2 70 gaming of K free and you can see I’ve just gaming free here and it still found the right version and we’re going to just put the link there and click on this and it will open up our page and we can now see we can go to the support tab here and this will give us the downloads for the audio driver so click on the support link and it will be the same for MSI asus as walk all those motherboard manufacturers you can get the audio driver from there and you can see all we need to do here.

Now is put in the operating system which I’ve done Windows 10 64 bits and now we can see we have the Realtek Audio Drivers and the different types of versions version 1709 and version 1803. You need to make sure the you use of right version for your audio driver otherwise it won’t work. If you’ve upgraded from 1709 to 1803 and you’re using the 1709 driver it won’t work. Okay, so you need to make sure you get the right driver inside here you can see inside the screen here. You can see I am running version 1803 and that’s why we add an error message because we was using the old 1709 driver, so that’s okay we’re just gonna update this driver and we can download it on the right-hand side by clicking on one of the links over Asia China America or Europe, depending where you are in the world.

Just download the right version for your system and you should be pretty much good to go from there it’s very good. That gigabyte have helped you out here, by explaining it because some motherboard manufacturers won’t and you won’t end up installing the wrong driver every time and that’s when it doesn’t work properly so I’m gonna download the correct driver for my version and then we’re gonna let this download and we’ll start to install it now. What the driver will do is will start to uninstall first, reboot the system and then it will then start to install the new driver and that will be the end of the problem and you should be up and running in no time at all. Some ones we have our file downloaded we’re gonna need to extract it to our desktop so we can install it because it comes as a zip file here so let me just click on the folder here and extract all. This to my desktop you can put it wherever you like I’m just going to extract it there it’s a lot easier so just extract all by hitting the extract all here and navigate to where you want to extract it to so I’m just gonna click on the Browse button here and select desktop it’s that simple.

And once you’ve done that, you can click select folder and it will then go on to that desktop just click on the select folder here and then click next and that will then extract now it. Seems that real tech has caused a lot of problems for people and it is pretty straightforward and easy to resolve so. We need to do here now is click on the setup and this will start to install our file. So click on this and it will open up there we go so we need to do is let that install now it will give us some options here it’s gonna say uninstall first, so it go next and you can see it gives you the instructions here says but I only still reboot the system and it start to install a new driver. So just let that do its thing and we will continue now. If you’ve got a firewall he just need to accept that through I’m running zone alarm here so. I just have to let that throat and it should be ok you may want to disable that, if you want to it’s entirely up to you but just let that uninstall the first one it will ask you to reboot the system and then it will continue with the installation process.

So let me just continue that and we will be right back so one reboot is gonna want to start to install your new driver now so let it go ahead and do that so it’s gonna install that new driver. You’re running a firewall we just need to let that run through and then this is gonna configure our Audio Driver to get it up and running properly and it just needs to do one more restart on your computer so we’re gonna go ahead and do that so it’s. Just gonna click restart ok, after the second reboot let’s check our driver so I’m going to go down to the bottom left-hand corner right click and go device manager here open up our device manager and we can check our audio and you can see now that everything has been installed correctly and it’s all now working correctly now. If you’re still having issues here, you may want to right-click on this driver here. You’ll Realtek High Definition driver right click on there and go to properties but you should be pretty much up and running there inside your driver section here. Check inside here and we can do is go to update driver.

If you’re still having problems that is and then go to browse my computer for driver software and come down to let me pick from the list of a bale of available drivers on this computer and you want to click on the generic software device ok click on that and then click Next and let that install ok and go through I’ve got mine working so I’m not going to do it but, if you do that’s what you want to do and go next and follow that fruit and you should be good to go from there but other than that you should be pretty much ok now. If you’re still having some issue you may want to disable the advanced features inside Windows 10 and let me just quickly show you how to do that so going? to right click on the sounds feature down here and we’re going to go into sounds and for your audio down here you can see we have our real tech audio down here and you want to select that on the playback section double-click on it here and you want to make sure that everything is off you see this here you want to make sure that is set to off any of these are enhancements just disable all the effects audio sound effects I’ve, got mine left as it is because it’s working but if yours isn’t working you want to disable all of these effects okay and you should be pretty much good to go from there now there’s also a troubleshooter built into Windows which you can use for audio but that’s if your opens extreme problems and I’ve covered that in another article. So I’m not going to go over that again and I’ll leave those on the cards there you can click on those and I hope that’s gonna help you out now.

If you’re running a MSI Motherboard or Asus or as Rock or something like that you just have to follow those that same process and you should be pretty much good to go from there and you should be back up and running in no time anyway. I have this one it’ll show up my name is Alexs from protect computers doc. Okay thanks again for read to How to Fix Realtek Audio Issue After Windows 10 Update bye for now, now if you haven’t bookmarks yet hit the bookmarks button on my blog and hit the bill notification bar NYX today to be notified when we upload new post.

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