How to Fix Scaling for Blurry Apps in Windows 10

How to Fix Scaling for Blurry Apps in Windows 10: Hi just a follow-up on my new 4k monitor that I’ve got and the problems that I’m having. If you’re not aware I do run a three monitor system here for my article editing and screen capture and everything else I’ve got a full HD 1920 by 1080 one that I do 1080p capture on and that’s kind of like my what main web browsing one and then I’ve got I used to have a 2k monitor what a 1440p monitor in the middle that I would do my article editing on because it had larger real estate that was only a twenty five inch monitor 2k and it worked fine. Then I’ve got a portrait one on the side which is an oddball resolution I got from the dumpster and that I use for documents vertical portrait documents. anyway I decided that I needed a bigger Monda from my 25 inch 2k. So I went well, I think I can fit a 32 inch here on my desk so I bought a 32 inch monitor and I thought well I’m behind a new monitor I. Might as well get a 4k one without even thinking about the screen like scaling and stuff like that would I actually be able to see the font send the windows scaling issue and stuff like that anyway I’ve been pulling my hair out for like the last week trying to get this optimized now.

Let’s let’s have a look, here I’m now running my new 4k it’s a BenQ monitor one of these eyecare ones for you know for those who care I’m not. Sure the model number anyway it’s a 4k being human derp and of course there’s a couple of Windows ah ok let me let’s start out, let’s go into display settings here ok. So these are my monitors that I’ve got set up as you can see it’s a 3840 by 2160 and it recommends windows recommends a hundred and fifty percent scaling factor now of course I run all my others hundred percent scaling. But if you run a hundred percent scaling on I’m not sure you have to watch this in 4k probably to get this. I’m capturing this in 4k and you can see that like the fonts I can see them I can read the. But like being I’m probably 800 millimeters away eight nine hundred millimeters away from the screen and I can read them that they’re small and I’ve got to concentrate. if I run my Vegas video, editing software then you know the font set like it looks great it’s all nice and sharp all the fonts are perfect everything’s just fine and dandy but they’re too small the font is too small. For me to read I don’t want to have to squint I’ll end up ruining my eyesight to do that right. So I don’t want to do that at all, so yeah don’t buy a 32 inch 4k set 800 millimeters away from it or a meter away and think that you’re gonna be able to read it on a hundred percent scaling.

How to Fix Scaling for Blurry Apps in Windows 10

How to Fix Scaling for Blurry Apps in Windows 10

Because you’ll won’t okay so you’ve got to actually follow Windows scaling recommendations to actually scale it up and of course your applications change yes I’m aware that when. You do this you might have to reboot your machine and reboot your applications in order for it to take effect but it works in this particular case that I’m going to show here anyway. So a hundred and fifty percent scaling and the fonts are quite a readable size, but the problem has been that some applications are blurry and here we go windows tell you tells you down here fix apps that are blurry. You can go in there and like open settings and you can fix scale in apps that are blurry I don’t recommend this. I found that no option of that makes it actually work so we can piss that off completely windows. scaling now there are several ways well, actually let me show you the problem okay. I load up I run Vegas okay 150 percent scaling, you might see I’m not sure if this is going to show up okay the the text in the top left corner there in the title bar is nice and sharp okay it’s rendered correctly. yep you know someone’s here that’s all alright sorry about that that was a new delivery of new 121 GW multimeters whose truck turned up was very bemused that where’s the where’s the loading dock.

Nah corporate office tower yeah, anyway where was I yes look right they um this varies from app to app okay but of course the main app I’m gonna use on this monitor is Vegas okay. So you can see that the font up in the top left hand corner there is nice and sharp no problems whatsoever this is a hundred and fifty percent scale in Windows recommended and yes I have tried all other scaling factors and nothing works and 150 percent happens to be optimal for the screen size the 32 inches and the like 800 millimeters distance you know it’s just like a nice readable font but look the menus just a little bit blurry I’m not sure if this is gonna show up in the screen capture I can read them fine it’s nothing wrong my eyes they’re actually there they’re slightly burglary the font rendering is just not sharp. They’re trying to do the font scaling on there okay, so it’s actually you know it’s it’s just fuzzy and I don’t want to ruin my eyes looking at a sort of a fuzzy image I want a nice sharp font on the thing now as you can, see the the wit like the Windows desktop icons they’re all fine no problems whatsoever right. Now there is a way to actually windows provide several ways to fix the blurry thing that popped up it’s that’s like an automated kind of thing.

Override system DPIHow to Fix Scaling for Blurry Apps in Tab

Then it’s also got that scaling as I said here right so you’ve got the the scaling factor plus you can optimize in your with your GPU in this case I’ve got Nvidia card and it’s important in this case to put no scale in and override scaling mode by games and programs and all that sort of jazz right. So you’ve got the option in there as, but windows also has what’s called a clear type text option so Windows 10. Does now turn on clear type and if you turn it on makes your text, I’m not sure if you can see that but makes your text sharper. If you go through then it will give you various options you can say okay, I want to select this I want to calibrate this monitor for font and it’ll take you through all sorts of different five pages of choose the best font you know. How its rendered and stuff like that but that never fixed the no matter what options I did there for clear type but where those on or off or whether I mean went through and calibrated that for this monitor it never worked for Vegas. So Vegas was obviously overriding and that and doing sewn theme as would say open view as well if F in view would be another one it’s not gonna do it. Now no no that’s clear as okay but F in view gave me and actually gives me a problem on my 1080 monitor which I need to fix.

Okay, so f in view is actually sharp these fonts here are nice and sharp on this 4k monitor with 100% scaling but I dragged that and sorry I can’t capture it now. But drag it over and they’re fuzzy they instantly become fuzzy it’s a per screen thing that’s happening which is really rather annoying so anyway what we want to do is fix Vegas so what you can do is you go into Vegas, you’ve got to do the XE okay. So you’ve got to go into the executable not the link to it or anything like that you go into properties and you click compatibility here okay and here we go change high DPI settings okay. You’ve got to click on that and then use this setting to fix scaling problems for this program. Instead of the one in settings this was normally unchecked by check that and it didn’t fix the problem. So I’m gonna leave it checked, so I haven’t checked no pun intended if it works with or without that option but the one that fixes it the magic option is here.

Enable Process System DPIHigh DPI scaling override override high DPI scaling behavior performed by you’ve got applications system or enhanced I haven’t tried the others but it works on application. So if I click that I should have had Vegas open, I guess and we apply and then we can go in it’s done it’s done Vegas should. Now be fixed on this look you can see it is sharper I can see it instantly boom and now all the text looks nice and sharp. it hasn’t tried to correct all that beautiful problem solved I’m going to I thought I was going to have to go out and buy a 2k monitor like a 32-inch 2k which is a 2560 by 1440 resolution in order to do one-to-one a hundred percent scaling so to get the larger screen. to get a larger font to make it sort of like easy to read, but also get well yeah it would have been the same as my no it would have given me more information on my Vegas screen here and the thing with thing with this right. If I sorry it’s not all set up at the moment it’s not it’s because it’s anyway.

If I go into here and I set it to like 200% scaling okay then that will change Vegas and I won’t see as much stuff right Vegas will look much bigger here. Like things actually it hasn’t changed it did before it’s asking me if I want blurry again? but anyway usually it changes so that you can’t see as much information there on the screen. So if we go into oh nope if we go into a hundred percent scaling of course we will boom-boom shake-a boom we will get much more stuff will fit much more stuff on our Vegas screen. Which is important when you’re editing you can get more stuff in the timeline and more stuff in their docking bars up here and all that sort of jazz. Anyway that is fix my problem Thanks to everyone who tried to help on Twitter and may be asked on the forum as well and everyone. Was throw-in options are clear type will fix it not didn’t fix it it was that individual dpi high DPI scaling factor in the properties for the actual application. So I might have to change the application for each and every program god that’s small change that the real windows recommended one is just fine and dandy thank you very much.

Yeah done done we’re all good to go so there you go it was that that was the issue with the high DPI sky and so might have to change that app by app. But as I said not all apps have the problem, some just work just fine they render their fonts just fine and it depends on how they’ve. Written and compiled the program and stuff like that, David said that when he was writing the apps like the Windows app for the 121 GW for example when he did the development he just like turned off all this proper scaling. He said look it’s gotta look you know during development but trust me, it’ll look better when I apply all the scale installed the proper scaling stuff inside the software. So some apps just maybe aren’t written well or aren’t optimized or whatever Vegas seems to be one of them and it’s not necessarily bad maybe it’s not optimized for other situations I’m not sure of the details did that change high DPI settings works a treat we know winner chicken dinner.

So I’m now happy with my for came under I’ve won a B I paid a lot of money for it and I was hoping I wouldn’t have to like resell it scrap it that’s gonna scrap it but yeah. Anyway I’ve now got my 32 inch which seems like a it’s a great size for my desktop here wouldn’t want any big everyone sits good a 40 inch my desk is only so deep okay. I just like this one’s practical it’s actually hanging over the back of the disc here so yeah, no thanks. So 32 inch is great and Vegas is fixed and I’m happy as Larry except my name ain’t Larry stave our bloody Fix Scaling for Blurry Apps in Windows 10 anyway there you go hope you found that useful high DPI scaling catch you next time.

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