How to Fix Windows 10 Error 0xc000021a

How to Fix Windows 10 Error 0xc000021a: what you guys gone over windows repair article here for ya now. If you’re moving into this error message here then this article is for you. Now you’re going to see Windows is going to attempt to repair this error by using the automatic repair and you’ll probably see that it doesn’t work and this is pretty common with Windows it will always try to do this automatic repair and sometimes it’s unsuccessful and you get caught in this reboot loop where you constantly reboot and you’ll get the same error message. If you are getting that error message then read this article and I’ll show you how you can possibly fix it now this is where you’re going to get to automatic repair.

You can click restart here or Advanced Options and continue to boot to Windows 10 which we’re going to do here. and it will attempt to reboot and then what’s going to happen, you’re just going to get straight back to that error message and that’s because it hasn’t fixed their issue an error message is 0XC000021a and it’s a pretty common error message and I’ll show you.

How to Fix Windows 10 Error 0xc000021a

How to Fix Windows 10 Error 0xc000021a

How to try to resolve, it so let me skip this part out here and go back into Advanced Options here, so once we’re in Advanced Options we’re going to go into troubleshoot then Advanced Options again. Now you can see we have reset this PC, we only use that unless we really have to. If we can’t fix it we have got command prompt and some other things left on the screen like system restore which you can attempt but we’re going to try command prompt now, I want to make sure that I’m on my Windows drive here so I’m just going to type C code on and then dir to make sure that Windows is on my. Directory you can see it’s not there so, we’re not in the right place so I’m going to type D : now and this is normally the case it’s normally on D. So we’re just going to push dir and then we can see where our windows directory there, so we’re good to go now. So the first thing we’re going to try here is a long command which is the disome.

Ford / image : C colon backslash ful /
cleanup – image space Ford / revert

Pending actions now you’ll notice the C there which, I’m typing up and I change it to a D and that’s because mine is D but if yours you see you need to type C. Okay so it’s either C or D you need to check that so make sure you type the right letter otherwise it won’t work now.

Once you’ve done, that you can type the rest in and it does take a bit of time to type this in because it’s not a normal common type command you’re typing in there’s lots of back slashes and forward slashes and it can be quite confusing. So take your time make sure you type it in properly and I will to leave these in the description of the article for you so you can just copy and paste them in if you want to and we’re going to try to enter now this is pretty useful if you vent an update go wrong or something like that you can try to. revert back okay you can see it’s trying to do its thing here and you can see now. It says operation complete revert of pending actions will be attempted after. the reboot so now you can reboot your system and make sure that you have got that drive letici I’ve used D because on the D Drive but, if yours is C then make sure you keep that C in there and lot D. Now you can reboot your system by typing exit and then reboot to see if that fixes or resolves or issue. If it don’t then come back into here and go back into troubleshoot ok now we’re not goin to use reset this PC yet but you can see.

You’ve got go back to a previous version, if you’ve had an update you can use that method or system restore you’ve already tried to start up repair and we will try startup settings and we’ll try it out a little bit later on but we’re going to do here is going to go straight back into command prompts, because there’s a couple more commands we can try to try to fix our issue so again what we want to do here is go back into our D Drive and we’re going to make sure that we are there is not a waste of my time and now we’re going to try check disk space /f space /r and trying to fix, any errors on the drive just in case and we’ll run this and it will say do you want to dismount the drive going to say yes. So we can run these checks now. That’s going to take a bit of time to run guys so be patient and I’m going to try and speed this process up for you. So it doesn’t buoy too much and just let that run through and again it depends on the size you drive and how fast your PC is and how long that’s going to take. Okay next we’re going to try SFC space /scannow that is fixes a lot of issues so we’re going to try running this and let it verify all the files on our operating system it’s going to take a while so be patient now. We’re going to try this other command now this other command is a pretty good one it’s didn’t thought slash online forward slash cleanup – image full slash restore health you can use this one as well.

If you’re still unsuccessful now in between here guys you can try to rebuild the system each. Time that’s what advise you to do rather, than do what I’m doing here. I’m just doing it for speed, but if you’re still having issues go back into Advanced Options here and you can now go into startup settings. Now inside here when you click restart it’s going to give you a couple of options that you can choose to try and fix or resolve your issue the ones we’re looking at here is safe mode, with networking and also disabled drivers signature enforcement try the disabled driver signature enforcement and reboot your system. If you’ve installed any software or anything like that then you can use a safe mode with networking and remove that software and try to reboot. Or you what you can do is back up all your data from safe mode and then reboot the system and do every refresh your PC. Or reset your PC from there okay and that should fix the issue.

If you’ve tried just about everything I’ve talked about here. So we’re going to try and get into safe mode here and as you can see it started to boot to the logon screen and you can see here we are now in safe mode. So that’s a good sign that we’ve got to safe mode now I’m going to quickly restart and go back to my main boom screen. So I can go straight to the desktop to see if it will get there and see if those are command to fix the issue. So we just let this boot up and may take a bit of time we’ll just let that run and there we are got to the login screen where we never got to before we’ve got the blue screen of death and as you can see here. It looks pretty good it looks like those commands are fixed our issue and there we are straight back at the desktop and if I hope this one I will show up guys that’s.

How you can resolve that error message it can be a bit pesky and can be a bit of a nightmare blue screens but if, you’re if you stick with it and take your time you should be back up and running in no time and if all else fails you can always reset the PC anyway thanks again for read How to Fix Windows 10 Error 0xc000021a bye for now Up next.

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