How to Fix Windows 10 not Booting Full Tutorials

How to Fix Windows 10 not Booting: Tutorial the day I’m going to show you guys how to resolve blue screen and deaf problems you might have when starting up your computer. So if you’re unable to boot into Windows after three continuous times windows should automatically try and launch the troubleshooting utility, in which we are currently booting into at the moment. So it’s going to start by saying it’s going to be diagnosing your PC here and want to let this run now. Keep in mind, if your computer has not done a hard power-off three times in a row you’re not going to be able to get to the screen. So you want to make sure you turn off your computer do a hard power turn off either at the tower level or clicking the power button on your lap. You just want to turn off your laptop three times and you should get into the automatic repair utility that I’m currently have on my screen here. It should say that your PC do not start correctly press restart to restore your PC which can sometimes fix the problem which in our case obviously has not worked or you can also press the Advanced Options to try other options to repair your PC. Fix Windows 10 not BootingLet’s click on Advanced Options here on this choose an option window select troubleshoot should be the middle option on this list select advanced options. Now while there are a variety of different tools you could run and if the one we’re going to go through specifically in this tutorial does not work for you, I implore you to use the other options that are available here. Because there are some really great troubleshooting utilities just to name a couple you could roll back to a previous version of Windows you could run a system restore. Go back to a previous restore point you could recover your computer using a recovery disk or a system image you’ve saved in the past.

But for the purpose of this article we’re going to select startup repair and this will begin diagnosing our PC. So this will take a little bit of time to run so just be, patient and once this utility has moved along a little bit so we can see that this utility is checking for dis errors this might take over an hour. So just be patient, this tool is going to run if anything notable comes up on the screen in the meanwhile. I will resume the reporting and we will go from there but otherwise I will be back okay so in compliments later we can see that now. It’s attempting repairs so different screen you might encounter hello everyone I’m back so we can see sir I. Prepare clean repair your PC the reason why I’m getting that is, because there’s really nothing wrong with my computer in the first place I power down the machine three times. That’s why it’s not detecting anything out of the ordinary, however hopefully this tool would find something for you and then you just should restore your computer again. If you were still experiencing problems, I would recommend going back and running some of those troubleshooting utilities. I mentioned earlier in the article but otherwise. I hope this brief article about how to fix Windows 10 not Booting helped you guys out and I will catch you in the next article goodbye.

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