How to Fix Windows 10 Slow Performace Issue

How to Fix Windows 10 Slow Performance Issue: hey guys probably you got a lot of problems of their little Windows 10 update automatically. Then your computer slows down but after the research I have found out that it’s easy to solve this problem. So what you have to do is control panel and then when you get under a binary equal on the search button and write pair for months and then you go click adjust appearance or performance and here. You go advanced change and probably it’s for you automatically manage the size and you just go to unclick it and customize size which you always recommended which is 0-9 1909 9009 and you set it up you click set you click OK. you restart your computer afterwards, so this is the one option another option is to call control panel again we missed relative Administrative Tools you click on it, then you will get all the tools you need here. How to fix Windows 10 slowThen you go disk cleanup it will connect and then you want to clean up your disk windows see disk and you click OK. Then it will clean up your disk for the unnecessary files the reason here. Why your computer gets low is because when your Windows 10 updated it kept the your original operating system on the back side maybe. When you bought your computer it was Windows 7 or Windows 8 and then you operated you transported to all Windows 10. So that’s why Windows 10 wants to keep this files in, case you want to go back to your old system, now it pop up a message here that will clean this all these files and it will be free up to 416 megabyte, then you click say clean up system then you click OK again and you’ll start cleaning up again you okay now.

It’s finished and now everything should be okay then you just simply click OK and then we permanently delete these files you click OK. Okay now the disc is ready cleaned up so by using these two tricks you will get your computer back up and running again thank you for read about how to fix windows 10 slow and looking forward for your comments.

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