How to Fix DNS server not responding error on Windows 10

how to fix DNS server not responding Windows 10 this is our internet issue. If you find any type of DNS server then so I will show you two easy method to fix this type of DNS server problem value navigating internet connection. How to Fix DNS server not responding Windows 10So first thing is to go to our network here, and right click on network put the property and then change our setting and then you will find your Wi-Fi or Internet if you are using Wi-Fi then go with a Wi-Fi. I am using Ethernet so right click on you are Ethernet then go to properties, select on ipv4 and then properly. So now click on the check on use the following DNS server ok. It may be like age like this 8 8 and 8 lot of people you use this like 8 8 & 4 4 like this but sometimes this deer has not worked. so I’ll show the next DNS server, here in front of there just type 2.86 is here 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 and next already a DNS server here type to not 8:60 say 1 220 220 like this is this killer you retype this IP in your DNS server after this click right and see the phosphorous after it after this restart your PC and try to use the internet connection these are one thing. If not help then you need to go to your command prompt you just go to prom or prom and go to the right click on you is it start and then go to command prompt admin ok.

here you need to type some code I have given this code in my video description link so you can copy the code I will show you all How to Fix DNS server not responding Windows 10type the code first you need to type “net SH space int space her research his face C colon backward slash and he said log dot text” after you enter this first code hate in Chow okay. Then he will get some ice cream and the next code you need to type net sedge windsock or result remember this after this hate in Chow okay. This is killing it will really set your internet IP address okay. Now we need to flash the DNS if you are getting the bad DNS or corrupted DNS we need to flash it so for these do the same thing like in your compound type “ipconfig this pays for a slash / DN a–‘s” don’t worry I have given all this code in my video description just copy and paste and hit it all the muscle should is after every code you need to hit enter okay. Nexus again type “ipconfig space and force lad register DNS” and hit enter and then type “ipconfig he space/slash release” and then hit enter and the last is “ipconfig his face for / renew and hit” done this will reset your IP address repair your DNS and almost a fix was all problem of DNS and IP address.

so use it and after this restart your pc and try to browse internet hopefully this will fix a problem and one more bonus tip you can do one more thing double swing bar sometimes double should not work. So just right-click on your network icon and here just type click on troubleshoot but this is not a very useful thing is a common thing so lost in the bonus you can try it, so this is very simple thanks for watching

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