How to Fix Network Connections Issues in Windows 10

How to fix network connections Windows 10 error like can’t connect to this network this error will occur while you trying to connect to our Wi-Fi with a laptop. So I will show you the six matrices in this problem

This a One Method fix Network Connections

First from the basic start from the basic go to start there are a first method and filtering then click on update and security selected server should ok, and here you will get all option network internet connections final feeds click on it and click on transit services. Network Connections Windows 10This will find and fix were connecting issue network issue to try this or this will fix the problem, so if not tweets go to the second option the second option is right click on this PC then click on manage ok, and click on device manager and then extend the network adapter right click on your Wi-Fi adapter and then click on update try wall click on browse my computer. Let me pick from the leaves and you can choose any one like the microphone or in the tub then click on next and this will update your network to adopt or try walls.

This a Second Method fix Network Connections

So this is a second method now you can go with the one more man whatever like updating you are try was the side click on your Wi-Fi and then click on search ultimately this will auto search for let us operate from the internet. Network Connections Windows 10So now Moodle third option, so the third option is it’s a very powerful method of it we restart and then type CMD and click on run as administrator okay here you need to have the simple code. So first type and need to SH experience of this video research caps-lock type I hit enter it will successfully reset the net means Deathlok and you must restart the cameras or restart and again good CMD and again type ii command like in any TCH int IP reset and then hit enter.

This a Third Method Fix Network Connections

Network Connections Windows 10So this is a second third method to fill this problem needs power from attack and the fourth matter is if you still facing the problem the food matter is there are little network and Draupadi and China are pursuing then go to the Wi-Fi right click property ok, and click on network protocol version 4. Then click on property here check on you the following DNS server type here 8 8 8 8 and alternate DNS server type 8 8 4 4. so try this hopefully this will fix your problem and if you see facing the problem you can go with a second a DNS server goes to the property of your Wi-Fi and portable and here change the DNS our like to not 8.6 you see one do-do-do-do-do-do ok. Alternate view server type 2 not 8 6 a 1 220 220 and now try to connect click ok try to connect your internet connection.

Network Connections Windows 10Note : This is a 6 meter and a lost matter if it is still facing the problem you need to research your networks. So guru setting good enough for the internet and then you click on network research, so this will reset you all network setting to default. Now you can reset your route or if you are using Wi-Fi router, so you can also reset your wife a looter. So after research, you need to configure your route or anywhere he is serving so these are 6 methods I have shown and let me know in command option or which method you work with you.

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