How to Fix Registry Errors Windows 10

How to fix registry Windows 10, so this should be a fairly quick tutorial and we’re gonna jump right into it. So this should work for all major versions of Windows, so Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 make all newer versions there’s more so what I’m in and we’re gonna jump right into it. The first thing I recommend doing would be to create a backup of your registry:

Step by step Fix Registry Windows

  • Open up the Start menu type in regedit so our eg EDI t, so regedit this man should say regedit re GE di t you want to right click on it.
  • And then left we’re gonna run as administrator if you receive a user account control window you want to select yes you. Fix registry Windows 10
  • Now you won’t go up to the top left corner versus file and you want to left-click on it then you want to left click on export you.
  • This will basically make a copy of your bread tree if you ever have to back up to it.
  • So for filename you name whatever you want you to back up and then you want to do today’s date or whatever and if you ever wanted to restore back from a back up all. You have to do is left-click on the file tab again left click on import and basically this is how you would just import back in your registry file if you ever had to restore back.
  • So now that you made a backup I recommend closing out of the registry editor. Then you want to open up a web browser it doesn’t matter which one I’m just going to open up Google Chrome for this tutorial you.
  • And now into Google I’m gonna head over to Google I’m gonna type into the search menu I’m going to type in our eg reg soft it’s with an S and then registers your pair in a manner. When the best matches should say free windows registry to Fix registry Windows 10
  • And you want to make sure not clothing on an advertisement here you want to be getting it directly from the source this is a free application, so I want to stress that, so it should say re GS oft Escom in the domain name. You want to make sure you’re downloading it directly from the cyclist who knows where else you could be clicking.
  • So you want to be getting it from here and now there should be something says download. now you wanna left click on that beware of any advertisements that might be on the screen like this is clearly an ad and this is an ad. So just watch out for that you know I mean you want to make sure downloaded directly from the site and it should say reg pair setup and that’s how you know you probably downloaded the right file here.
  • so I’m gonna left we want to one time to open it up and if you receive a user account control window you want to select yes.
  • And I’m also going to minimize out of the web browser, so it should say welcome to the free Windows registry repair setup program this program Lewin. So the free Windows registry repair on your computer so I’m next.
  • So I’m next again one more time actually I line the I click next one more time after that and where it says launch free Windows registry repair keep that check marked in there and select finish.
  • And you can maybe I say closed out of the web browser, so I should say welcome to the free Windows registry repair and at this point what I want you guys to do is run a full scan, so left click on the full scan button this will take a couple minutes to run, so just be to Fix registry Windows 10

Okay so once it’s done I’d recommend left clicking on fix errors right here on the left side and it should very quickly say the errors were fixed at this point recommend closing out of this utility if you wanted to install. You’re more than welcome to go through programs and features like you would any normal application and if you ever experienced any problems for this I would recommend restoring your registry back as I said earlier in the tutorial. But it should be very straightforward and I do hope this article helped fix your problems and as always thank you for watching and I look forward to catching you all in the next tutorial goodbye.

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