How to Fix Temporary Profile ERROR in Windows 10

How to fix temporary profile error in Windows 10 this is a pretty common problem and it can be caused by anything that can result in profile corruption and windows some of the usual suspects are a loss of power or a forced shutdown or sometimes even just Windows updates that didn’t install correctly luckily this one is pretty easy to resolve

I’m going to run through those steps now the first step is on your keyboard to hold down the windows key and then hit R springs up the run prompt type in regedit and then hit enter I’m going to expand this and then close the error

StepĀ  by step temporary profile error:

Fix Temporary Profile in Windows 10Now I’m going to browse to the registry key that we need to modify and I’ll put this into the description of the article. the key that we need to go to is H key local machine software Microsoft, Windows NT current version and then profile list, each of these keys represents a Windows profile in my case I only have two profiles my computer. If we look in the right side here and the profile image path you can see it lists the directory from one of the profiles any other ones listed here as well the problem is whenever one of the profiles becomes corrupted Windows adds back to the end of this registry key and then every time you sign in it puts you in a temporary profile.

So you can see that the profile image path has changed to a temporary directory here to fix this problem all you have to do is delete the temporary key and then right-click the registry key with back at the end and say rename delete the bak part and hit enter.

Now that this is the only profile left and the profile image path references your actual directory windows will load this profile when you reboot so go ahead and close the registry editor and then restart the computer.

So this is my desktop after the reboot as you can see the icons are restored, so I was able to successfully hit the like button if this article was helpful and thanks for viewing.

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