How to fix Mouse not working Windows 10

Today I will show you how to fix mouse not working Windows 10 say Windows if you are getting any problem like mods not working properly or Mouse arrow not showing in the desktop. so I will use the keyboard to fix this problem, so try to select your this PC or my computer by pressing shift tab or tab so as you can see here this PC selected now you can use the keyboard up and down selected now you can use the keyboard up and down arrow keys after it select this PC or my computer

One option mouse not working on windows 10

  1. computer press Menu button
    from the keyboard.
  2. down by using down arrow key select
    manage and hit enterMouse not working Windows 10
  3. okay here you can see the dialogue box
    here okay I’ll show you
  4. just go down and select Device
  5. so just device management selected now
    just press tab
  6. and go down here you can
    see my Zion other pointing devices clearMouse not working Windows 10
  7. press the left arrow key and select the
    malls like this and again press the Menu
    button from the keyboard
  8. and now select
    update driver software by using turn
    down arrow key from the keyboard and hit
    enterMouse not working Windows 10

two option mouse not working windows 10

like one is such automatically for updates, you can take this one okay click here, and it will update your drivers automatic try for this is this method not work you-you can go with another one just a press again the mini, key clicked our update, and come down now click on browse my browser software, and now you need to select let me pick up so you can select this by pressing L all l you can see here this is keyboard shortcut key.Mouse not working Windows 10

so select this and click n all tend to persist this method and after this, your mods will be what you find I hope this so thank for watching

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