How to Fix Windows 10 Critical Process Died Solved

How to fix Windows 10 Critical process died solved. So in this article, we’re gonna talk about a new type of BSOD in Windows. If you have a BSOD error don’t forget to check out our other article about BSO DS. But if you have the critical process dive BSOD stay in this article, because we’re gonna show you some solutions to fix it. As we’ve said in the other article about BSO DS various factors can indicate the BSO DS even some drivers from your windows. Even some apps or soft words that use even some physical components of your PC the processor the RAM memory or even the graphics card the first solution that:Windows 10 Critical Process Died Solved

run SFC scanner

I’m gonna show you is to run SFC scanner.  So SFC scanner is one of the most cliche solutions for windows related problems, but unfortunately it didn’t prove to get the job done every time however in this case it may actually be helpful, because it repairs system files or changed files that are actually the cause of the problem. So if you don’t know how to run the SFC scanner just do the following you have to press windows + x and then choose from this list command prompt admin don’t forget is very important to run the command prompt as admin. Because if you run the simple command prompt or CMD the scanner won’t work so here in the CMD you just have to type in SFC /scannow and then press Enter the process will take a couple of minutes and then you will have to restart your PC and you have to see if the problem is solved.

run an antivirus software

The second solution would be to run an anti-virus program. You’ll find a link for a very good antivirus on the article down below in the description. So be sure to check the article out and Windows Update could be the problem that causes the BSOD to solve it the bes.

wait for a new update

The solution would be to wait until Microsoft releases a new update and maybe that update will clear up the issue will make your windows run again as it once did I’m gonna recommend you to go in the article down below and download the software from the article you’ll have a link there. So the driver update our tool that it’s in the article is 100% safe and tested by the windows report con team.

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