How to Fix Windows 10 Computer Keeps Freezing Randomly

how to fix windows 10 freezes randomly your computer. here are a few simple tweaks that you can perform yourself to avoid expensive repairs or buying a new computer. Windows 10 Keeps Freezing

Let’s dive in tip number one

Modify your power options some of the default settings can cause your entire computer to freeze up let’s change them now right-click the windows button here and click power options then click additional power settings here on the right pane click choose what the power buttons do here on the left pane and you’ll see these options below, be sure that turn off fast startup and sleep are both unchecked. Windows 10 Keeps FreezingYou can enable these options by clicking change settings that are currently unavailable here then you can make changes get to save when you’re done and right here we’ll modify the plan set by clicking change plan settings and change advanced power settings until this pop-up window shows up on top be sure you’re running on high-performance and here under Intel graphics centers, Intel graphics power plant, be sure that both are set to balance. Then look for PCI Express link state power management and set both to off save all the changes and exit from the power options window when you’re done.

Tip number 2

Uninstall recent or unwanted programs,Windows 10 Keeps Freezing if you recently installed a program when the computer freezes started happening to try uninstalling it also it’s a good practice to uninstall any programs you no longer need. The less cluttered your computer the better click the windows button and settings which looks like a gear icon here click apps and scroll through the list to see which ones. You don’t use you can uninstall one program at a time by selecting it and clicking uninstall if you need it in the future just reinstall it

Tip number three

Delete unnecessary temp files your computer is loaded with temp files that are just wasting space and potentially causing problems to delete them right-click the windows button and click run type in % Temp % and hit enter.Windows 10 Keeps Freezing Select all the files here with your mouse or by pressing ctrl-a on your keyboard and hit delete. let’s move on to another folder by right-clicking the windows button again choose run type temp click OK. You might see this window popping up every now and then and that’s normal just click continue to delete all the files here and for the last folder type in prefetch and delete all those files too. Alright so there you have it three quick tips that should prevent your computer freezing if you don’t want to perform these steps on your own and prefer to have software do it for you click the link in the description box below to visit registry – clean – up dot net and click the download button to install the software. with this software, Windows 10 Keeps Freezingyou can run a scan of your computer to diagnose why it’s not running in peak performance simply click the Scan button and wait a few minutes while it runs a complete diagnosis of your computer. And here are the results as you can see the software can do many of the steps we have mentioned earlier as well as perform some additional performance tweaks such as removing malware updating drivers fixing registry errors and corrupted files and it will even help protect your privacy. But please take note that in order to perform all the tweaks you’ll have to register the software, once again to get your free diagnosis to click the link in the description box below to visit registry – clean – up the net and download the software.

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