How to Fix Windows 10 not Detecting Second Monitor in PC / Laptop

Hello everyone how you doing this is I’m tutorial today I’m going to show you guys. How to resolve if your Windows 10 not detecting second monitor hookup. So in this brief tutorial, I’ll be showing you guys how to ensure that both monitors are blade properly on your device. So this going to be a pretty straightforward tutorial:

  • Windows 10 not Detecting Second MonitoRWe’re going to jump right into it and we’re going to start by opening up the Start menu and we’re going to type in the settings the best manager comes up should say settings right above trusted Windows Store app you want to left-click on that
  • So now in the settings window what you want to do is left click on the system tile should be the first one listed her
  • And now underneath display, if you do not see one until if you only see a one box that means only one monitor is being
  • Detected which most of you guys should know by now if you’re coming on this video however if for some reason it not showing a second one you can left-click on and identify here
  • And it will tell you which monitor is being currently displayed or which one you’re currently viewing and if you love Kalan this detect button it’ll try and find another one if you are currently unable to and should say display not detected and that is what we are trying to resolve in this tutorial today
  • So I’m going to close out of the settings window once we determine that and I’m going to head over to the Start menu and I’m going to type in device manager the best manager comes up should say device manager right above control panel, so you want to love to click on that
  • So now in the device manager window, you want to left-click and expand the displays after view by either double-clicking on display adapters or left clicking on the little arrow next to it
  • Now there should be a display adapter listed here you want to right-click on it and then left-click on update driver software it’s going to ask you how do you want to search for driver this software left go to click on search automatically for updated driver software
  • So just be patient this might take a moment so it says the best driver software for your device is already installed Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date I recommend going back to that settings window and see if we can detect the second monitor at this point if you’re still experiencing problems you can actually go online and manually download the driver software
  • So if you’re wondering how to do that you can actually right click on the displayed after here and then left click on
    properties and then you go underneath the driver tab at the top it’ll tell you the driver version right here followed by the name of the driver up top most cases it’s just an Nvidia and D Intel
  • Something along those lines and then what you would do is manually go online and search up those drivers
  • So if you wanted to do a more automatic approach to that it’s very simple if we just close out a device manager

So if you opened up any web browser here as if we were going to download driver software on our own let’s say we were going to try and download an AMD driver. You would pretty much replicate this for whatever driver software you’re looking for but let’s just say AMD is our company here.

Download AMD driver:

  • Windows 10 not Detecting Second MonitorWe’re going to do am DS driver update or something a variation of this it doesn’t have to be the exact same thing.
  • So underneath download drivers on the google page we consider.
  • Something this is a D driver auto detect you could probably also google that as well get directly cured through
    mass you open
  • Most of the big guys do have an automatic driver detection tool.
  • So at this point, you would just law school on the download.
  • Button right here keep in mind you’re not going to obviously download a and D drivers for NVIDIA graphic cards and same in Reverse.
  • So you want to make sure you’re downloading the right drivers.

Then at that point I would recommend refreshing that tool. If that doesn’t resolve your problem I would definitely recommend restarting your entire system and then hopefully the second monitor should be detected at that point. I hope this brief the tutorial helped you guys

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