How to Fix Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict in Windows 10

what to do if you get an error message stating that how to fix Windows has detected an IP address conflict and you cannot connect to the Internet so stay tuned this error generally occurs when more than one of your device tries to use the same IP address. so the first and easiest solution for this problem will be to switch off the router and switch it back after a few seconds and hopefully, this should correct the problem, if not then

How to Fix IP Address Conflict Step in Windows 10

  • press the Windows + R button on the keyboard to run this dialog box and you must run the CMD command prompt. Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict
  • now type this command, release config, and type another command IP config renew.
  • now what you are told to do is delete the old IP address and will assign a new IP address to your device.Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict
  • also if you want to enter it, you can enter the IP address manually, if you want to enter the IP address manually.
  • then right-click on the network connection icon, here on the taskbar click on open network and sharing center.Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict
  • now under the connection click on the type of internet connection you have I use a LAN card you might have Wi-Fi internet, right click and click properties, select the Internet Protocol version and click on properties. now you can see in case I get the IP address automatically it has been selected.Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict
  • so if I want to enter an IP address manually I will use this input option using the following IP address, then I will enter the IP address on line 2 1 6 8 1 all three are always the same as the last You can put whatever number you want for me, I will only give the number 100. then press tab the subnet mask will be from the player automatically for the default gateway, you can use 1 to 1 6 8 1 1 then click OK.Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict

now you have successfully entered your IP address manually, so this way you will be able to fix the windows problem detecting IP address conflicts thank you

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