How to Fix Windows Live Mail error in Windows 10

How to fix Windows live mail Windows 10 inside the creators update after you’ve updated maybe you have in sync issues or you can’t add new mail accounts or it just won’t open or you have any issues with it then I’m going to show you some steps to take to fix this. now we have got a post on the forums where someone’s having trouble stuff what would make a quick video to show you some steps that you can take to try and rectify this issue. A first thing want to try isWindows Live Mail Windows 10

  • You want to go down to the windows flag icon here or the start button and then click settings inside here you want to go to apps once the apps are open. You want to come down to where it says mail you can see mail and calendar here click on this one and then from here you want to go to where it says Advanced Options click on that and the next thing you want to do is click on resetWindows Live Mail Windows 10
  • And this will permanently delete the app data on this device including all your preferences and sign-in details, this may be corruption here and it’s always best to try this first okay
  • And that could rectify it the problem now, if that doesn’t work then what we’re going to do is uninstall it and reinstall it okay. So first off what we’re going to do here now what you want to do is restart your computer.
  • So once you’ve restarted your computer it will start doing the updates.
  • So I’ve just restarted there, so now we have our computer restarted what we want to do is remove the mail and calendar app okay
  • We’re going to go on to the flag icon here which you should start button right click here
  • Go to Windows PowerShell admin this will open up the PowerShell and you should see administrator Windows PowerShell then what we want to do is paste in our command.
  • So it’s just gonna put this big command in here and you can see what it’s going to do it’s just basically gonna remove the Microsoft Windows communications app which is your mail
  • And calendar ok push enter and this will then start to remove that you can see it’s been removed down the bottom here.
  • So what we want to do next you can do this in command, but what I’m going to do is I’ll show you another way you can go to the store here. and all you need to do is a typing store and that
  • Will come to the Microsoft Store open this up and from here what you want to do is put Merrill and you can see here since you put now in now in calendar click on this one and you want to push get and this will start to install.
  • We want to do now it says this product has been installed when I closed this off and we want to reboot our computer,
  • Let’s go ahead and reboot and there we are back at the desktop and you and you will have the mail icon missing here
  • But don’t worry we can put that back. so all you’re doing here now is going to go to your mail.
  • So come down here you can see mail right click on this move and you can pin this to your taskbar like so

if you’re still having issues with syncing where it’s not syncing properly I’ll show you a fix because after the update to the creator’s update there was an issue whether we’ve syncing and adding new apps and I’ll show that right now.

  • What we’re going to do here is try to reinstall the missing packages in the mail when you’re having troubles were syncing.
  • Going to do here is go down to the search and type CMD
  • And we’re going to run the command prompt here as administrator.
  • Right click run as administrator say yes the user account control and this will open up our command prompt
  • Now you’re going to need to paste in this command here we’ll leave this in the description so you can just copy and paste it push enter and this will start to bring that package down ok you see the operation has completed successfully, now once that is done this will resolve the resync issue.
  • So what you need to do again is just quickly reboot the system, you can see it wants to update all the time and that’s because we’re fixing issues and once we get back here you should be able to open up your mail client here and you should be able to add new accounts here like so okay.Windows Live Mail Windows 10

And that should resolve that issue so if you are having those issues then that’s the way you can work around and hopefully try to fix your mail issue inside Windows 10 anyway if you have any more problems then head over to the forums and I can try and help you out over there it’s just a quick I hope this one helps you out my name is Brian from bright tech computers code or UK thanks again for watching guys on face be continued support have a good day bye for now.

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