How to fix Windows Media Player not Working For Windows 10

show you how to fix Windows media player For Windows 10 not working caching not playing or videos or whatever problem we have between Windows Media Player you can fix this so I will show you for yourself to fix any type of Windows Media Player. so what is video carefully,

How to fix windows media player not working :

  • so first is just open the control panel
  • there’s a force on basing to open the control panel and now change the logic on here like thisWindows Media Player For Windows 10
  • and then go to the troubleshooting okay and here select view all and now select windows media library so select it and now just click next it will troubleshoot your media playerWindows Media Player For Windows 10
  • so if you find any your error in media player just click on apply fix so this will fix any type of your media player error
  • so just apply so you can see media of memory is chilly or corrupted so close it so sometimes it will fix but most of them that about should not work
  • so for this second and the best matter is so second option is going to control panel
  • and this time take the category and here click on the foreground and under the pogrom on future click on turn windows feature on and off open this one it’s called on here you’ll find the option like media future just uncheck this okWindows Media Player For Windows 10
  • uncheck show turning of the media player might affect other windows feature and program installed on your camera so that’s when it will install a media player and after this, it will reinstall a fresh copy of media played.Media Player For Windows 10
  • so simply click on yes ok and after this, you need to turn off or restart your PC
  • so after in this just go to start and restart your PC so after restart once again go to control panel and for gram then futures and this time you need to check on this option like this media player check on this one check on and okay.
  • so you must restart after doing this stop. okay the next option is that all options go to services like the study scientists are and open the services okay this oneWindows Media Player For Windows 10
  • Windows Media Player network sharing service open it one I’m simply disable it okay simply disable this option Windows Media Player network sharing services apply ok.

so this is the tar method and the final limiter and if you’re interfacing problem like playing videos. so open the cooker and in the pool girl just type Media Player codec pack search it and open the first link and after this download, this simple tool did a simple tool for a crack for Windows media player for Windows 10 or don’t worry after you download just double-click to set up this file simple. so install this file I have already installed ok, so after you install you can restart your PC and hopefully this will fix her power so I have shown the four methods

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